Wind Power

What is it and how dose it work? Advantages,Disadvantages.

Renewable Resources

We know that renewable means that we can use it over, over, and over again. Here are three examples sun, wind, water.

Pollution ( green house gas ) trapping heat in the earth. That creates climate change witch can effect plants animals and people.

What is it and how dose it work?

Their are two tips of axis one is horizontal axis and the other one is vertical axis.Their is no different between them.

Wind power involves turning energy from the wind into other formers of useful energy. The generator in the wind turbin so when the wind isent blowing then the wind turbines are still moving.


Wind is clean and doesn't couse pollution.the price for wind gose down a lot and dose not couse pollution. Wind makes 20 times more power the manny other sorce . We can't run out of wind.


wind trbines need to be in opin areas and not where a lot of flying animels are because

they can fly right into the wind tubnes and get hart. Around winter gong into spring its not that windy so when its not that windy the generater helps the tubines move. when the tubines arnt moving it can couse health problomes. The price gose up to about $340,000 if you own a wind farm. when their is bad wether thar can be a lot of damage done and can cost a lot of money.