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Katherine meuret

Dandy definitions

Silt- small particles of rich soil. Silt made the land better for farming after the Nile floods.
Pebbles, Sand, and Silt
Aquifer- underground rock layer that water flows through. Libya has no permanent river so this is how water travels.
Dictatorship- government under the control of one all-powerful leader. Libya became independent in 1951 under a king. In 1969 a military officer named muammar al-Quaddhafi gained control and overthrew the king.

About the special Suez Canal!

Give 3 facts about the Suez Canal

1. Separates. The Sinai peninsula from the rest of Egypt.

2. Egyptians and Europeans built the canal in the mid-1860's

3. One of the worlds most important waterways.

Suez Canal panorama, showing El Ballah Bypass - Egypt

Give me facts!

Give three facts about the Sahara desert

1.the Sahara desert is the largest desert in the world.

2. Comes from the Arabiv word meaning "desert"

3. About the size of the United states.

What type of veggies?

List 3 of egypts main crops

Vegetables, fruits, and sugar cane are three examples of egypts crops.