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How safe are you?


Ways you can prevent falls are:

1.) Get some exercise.

2.) Be mindful of medications.

3.) Keep their vision sharp.

4.) Eliminate hazards at home.

Fires and Burns

How to prevent fires and burns:

1.) Install a smoke detector in your kitchen.

2.) Never cook with loose fitting clothing, they can catch on fire.

3.) Always use a hot pad or mitt.

4.) Store flammable and combustable items away from the oven.


How to prevent fire arms:

1.) Keep away from small children.

2.) Clean weapon after use.

3.) Do not leave bullets loaded in the gun.

4.) Teach your family the ways to use the guns.


How to be prepared for a hurricane is:

1.) Keep in mind that many hurricanes are slow travelers.

2.) Be sure to gather food and water because a hurricane may last for a while.

3.) Be sure you are well supplied with any prescription drugs that you or your family take on a regular basis.

4.) Put all of your valuables into clear plastic bags or high off the floor.


How to be prepared for tornados is:

1.) Prepare your family.

2.) Prepare your house.

3.) Listen for tornado watches and warnings.

4.) Seek and evacuation center if necessary.


How to prepare for blizzards:

1.) Do not leave your car, or you will be easily lost.

2.) Make sure to start the engine every 10 minutes or so to keep the engine warm so it doesn't stop.

3.) Bring a battery powered radio so you can head the meteorologist to see if the storm has passed.

4.) Check the damage.