A True Hero! (Anna D. Tabarak F. Josephine K.)

How The Story Began

Perseus had a hard past. With the challenges in his life helped him become successful in his later years.

When Perseus’s mother Danae gave birth to him, his grandfather was overjoyed. He went to an oracle to hear good news about his daughter’s future. The oracle told him that she would bear a son who would kill his grandfather. So Acrisius locked his daughter and son in a chest and sent them out to sea. His brother, Dictys found them and took them home to his kingdom and cared for them.

Perseus grew up to be a hero, and has defeated with the help of Athena and Hermes’ gifts. Athena lended him her shield, and Hermes gave him a sword and cap of invisibility. Nymphs gave him a wallet to carry Medusa’s head. He cut off Medusa’s head and defeated her sisters, the gorgons. On his way back to the kingdom, he found a young maiden, named Andromeda, chained to a rock. He freed the beautiful maiden and took her back to the castle. When he was gone, his mother was made a slave for the king and his dear friend was imprissoned. He used Andromedas Beauty to distract the kingdom. He took out Medusa’s head and turned the kingdom into stone, including the people. He, his mother, friend, and andromeda left the kingdom. He and Andromeda got married and had many children.

Now, you might be wondering about the prophecy in the very beginning of this story. Well it came true. Persus competed in competitions. In a disk throwing competition he threw his ironisy into the audience. The disk struck his grandfather in the head and he died instantly.

Interview With Our Very Own Perseus!

Anna: Hello Persues I am so glad you could make it today!

Persues: No problem its great to be here

Joie: You must be very strong and brave! Persues: Oh thank you yes I am because as you know I am a god

Tabarak: Yes! Tell me, without some of your closest friends do you think you would of been able to defeat your enemies?

Persues: No not at all without them Im sure I would have been be dead.

Anna: Can you name a few and tell us how they helped you ?

Persues: Yes easily. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, and Hermes, the god of messaging gave me weapons and tools to help me defeat medusa and bring her head back to the king, Polydectes.

Joie: Those are true friends. Oh! and I forgot to ask.. who are some of the enemies you defeated and what makes them so scary.

Persues: Well, One is medusa and that was tricky because she had serpents for hair and if you looked at her you would turn into stone! I used Athena’s shield to help me so I didn’t look directly at her.

Tabarak: Wow! Smart! What was it like to defeat her? How did you do it?

Perseus: I was very quick and I cut off her head with one swipe of my sword. I also defeated her ugly sisters the gorgons!

Anna: How did you get home?

Perseus: I used Hermes flying sandals of course! They work very well and kept me off the dangerous grounds!

Joie: Did you see anything interesting on your way back?

Perseus: Why yes of course! I resqued the fair maiden Andromeda who was chained to a rock.

Tabarak: Why was she put in danger in the first place?

Perseus: She told me that her mother bragged of her beauty and called her more beautiful than any goddess. So as punishment for her beauty, she got chained to a rock by her hands and feet.

Anna:Was she of any help to you?

Perseus: Yes. I brought her back to the kingdom with me. Her beauty distracted the king and the other men who think that they are better than me (which they are not). While they were distracted Iturned them and the whole kingdom into stone!

Joie: Hold on a sec! I thought that Medusa died! How did you turn them into stone?

Perseus: I used Medusa's head obviously!

Tabarak: So, do the eyes still work, even after you techanicly killed her?

Perseus: Even when her heart stops, she is still very powerful. Also, she isn't fully dead. Monsters don't necesarilly die. It takes time for them to reform.

Anna: Thanks for sharing that interesting fact! What happened to the kingdom while you were gone?

Perseus: I found out some horible things! My mother was turned into a castle servant and my dear friend the fisherman was imprisoned!

Joie:Is there a happy ending to this story?

Perseus: Andromeda and I got married and my mother got married to the fisherman! We left the kingdom and started a new life! Me and Andromeda rule our own kingdom now.

Tabarak: What happened to the prophecy in the very begining of your story? Did it become true?

Perseus: The prophecy came true. I was doing my daily sport competitions. I was doing the disk throw and my iron disk went into the audience and hit my grandfather in the head and was killed instantly.

Anna: Can prevent a prophecy from happening?

Perseus: No. Apparently my foolish grandfather didn't know that and sent me and my mother out to sea for nothing.

Joie: Do you have any other relatives besides your mother and grandfather?

Perseus: Yes! My father is Zues, God of the skies.

Tabarak: I thought that your grandfather locked your mother in a tower so she can't see any mortal man?

Perseus: Since my father is a god he was able to see my mother. And when my grandfather found out about me being born, he was very shocked! He didn't beleive my mother when she told him about zues.

Thor and Perseus

Thor and Perseus are alike because they are both a son of Zeus. They both have weapons that help gave them power. They are both heroes and help other people out. They both have enemies and have made friends to help them save people in trouble. Both are very well known!