June Unit Design


June 17th


grades 6-8


Middle School Cafeteria


Task: Create a multidisciplinary unit that integrates important content from at least 2 courses at your grade level. Each course must work collaboratively with at least one other course. Ideally, the unit will center on a real world issue. Take risks. Think outside the box. Incorporate two writing pieces.

Grade 6 - Weather Disasters

Weather, specifically Weather Disasters, is the area of focus for the sixth grade interdisciplinary unit. Students have read, analyzed statistics and listened to a guest speaker to gather information for their culminating activities. These final products will include skits, reports, art work, and graphic displays representing the effects of weather disasters both in the past and in today’s world.

Grade 7 - Best State in America

In true PBL style, students are working in groups of 3 to research a state and figure out how to “sell” their state. Students are investigating population growth, state government, biodiversity, cultural and athletic aspects of their chosen state. Students are also investigating foods from their state and creating a pretzel flavor for their state. They are writing a persuasive speech to convince others to visit their state. The groups are also creating a visual display and brochure for their state.

Grade 8 - Our Town: Corinth, NY

In support of the Corinth Central School District Strategic Plan, grade 8 students will "...develop the skills necessary to contribute to and excel in a rapidly changing world, while still recognizing the roots from which they have grown," through the team 8 June interdisciplinary unit: Our Town: Corinth, New York. Students are celebrating what is unique about Corinth, researching the history and investigating/planning for the future of our special town. As part of the unit, the grade 8 team will be treated to an assembly with CCS graduate, Stephen Cernek, Ph.D., Director of the Corinth Social History Project, to learn more about Corinth.


The cafeteria will have interactive displays set up by each grade to showcase the work! Come by and see what our students have been up to this June!

JUNE 17th

Student viewing/set up : 8:45-9:30

Community viewing: 9:30-10:30

Community Members, please call the main office to let them know you are planning to stop in! 654-9005 X 3412

What Our Students Are Saying...

"This is way better than normal school!"

"I like working with different kids."

"Our teachers want us to practice the skills they have taught us all year long".

"This is cool."