5 themes of Austin

By Davis Sones


This map accurately shows where Austin is in Texas. As well as its distance from San Antonio. That is about 100 miles. The second picture shows the surrounding towns of Austin.


The terrain is mainly hills and a lot of cedar trees. There are many different religions and people who believe in different things. Austin is mainly made up of young people. There are many "hipsters". It is after all, "the music capitol of the world".


Austin is a proud city and is known "to do their own thing" , politically they are mixed almost evenly. They have different political views. It has the same characteristics as San Antonio. They both have cedars and hills. Austin's economy is based around all of the technology centers. Such as Dell and Silicon Valley.


Most of the people moving to Austin for work. Dell contributes to that, with help of silicon laboratories. A lot of movement to Austin also has to do with scenery. It is beautiful. This picture is of Hamilton pool.

Human Environment Interaction

Everyone in Austin uses the Edwards Aquifer. Most of the lakes are low right now, so the people of Austin are starting to conserve water. But for the most part downtown, the grass is green. Austin is also on the Top 5 greenest cities list. As well as the Top 5 best recycling cities, so the people try to do their part. This is a local church planting trees.