The Radish Seed Lab

By: Lily Nowka, Nya Mason, Jeff Pierce, Demein Gray

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Lab Question

Does the type of water (salt,sugar,normal) affect how the radish seed grows?


If we use salt water to water the radish seeds then, it will grow worse than sugar or normal water because salt water isn't good for every plant.


First, we made three newspaper cups and planted three seeds in each. In each cup, the seeds were planted 3 cm down. We then figured out how much water we give the plants and came up with 7 ML of each type of water. Each day of the week, we watered the plants with their assigned type of water and measured how tall they were. After 2 weeks, we measured the final amount each had grown and compared our results.


The type of water does affect how the radish seed grows. In our case, the normal water grew the most, while we saw no growth from salt or sugar by the end of the experiment.


On the fifth day, we started to see a slight growth from the normal water. By the ninth day the normal water was up to 5 cm in height. We had no growth in either of the other types of water. (salt or sugar) The salt cup felt rough from the salt in the water. Both sugar and salt had no growth by the last day.


The normal water grew the most because the sugar water kept getting moldy and we believe that the plants can only be watered with a specific sugar, not just any sugar. Salt water wasn’t going to help the plants grow, due to the fact that most plants on land only grow using fresh water.

Data Table

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Changes for the future

Changes to make in the future: In the future we will, plant the seeds farther down (5cm) That would assure that we planted the seeds deep enough into the soil for them to start growing at least the first 6 days. Also, we will water our plants enough the last day so that the soil and cup is always moist the next day. After three days, replace the old sugar water with fresh sugar water so that we wouldn’t be feeding the plant moldy water.