Specific Emotion

By: Fatima Murillo & Jasmin Nelson


The expression of anger changes more during early child hood.

Toddlers show anger freely and without restraint like

- Biting

- Kicking

- Hitting

Preschoolers are less likely than toddlers to express their anger with physical violence

-Four year old scream. their angry episode last longer, they still use physical violence or they may threaten and attempt to get even.

- Five year old are more likely to try to hurt children's than hurt them physically.

- Six year olds are even more hurtful with word. They tease, insult, nag and make fun of others.


Imagination is a major emotional force in children from four to six.


- Imaginary Dangers

- Afraid of the dark

- Ghost or monsters

- Worried being left alone or abandoned

- Fear of the thunder or lightning

- Situations in school


- Sibling rivalry is jealousy of brothers and sisters.

- Some parents unintentionally make the problem worse. They may try to improve the behaivor by comparing one child to another.

-Children at this age sometimes express their feelings of jealousy by tattling, criticizing, or lying.

- Parents or other caregivers can help children work through jealous feelings encouraging cooperation and empathy.