The Wiggly World of Worms

By Arnav and Aravind


Worms live everywhere! They live in almost all parts of the world, including marine, freshwater, and terrestrial habitats. Some worms live in seawater, and even on the seashore. They live in the soil as well and help the soil by conditioning it. Worms live everywhere! In fact, there are 53,767 worms per acre in the US!


These worms adapt to their habitats. They have three types of adaptation- structural, behavioral, and physiological. Worms create mucus (or snot) to help them move through soil. This is a cool, but gross adaptation. And when the environmental conditions in their environment change, they go down in the soil and make more mucus (they use snot a lot) until the conditions are better. Also, worms produce hairs to help them move through the soil. Also, they've adapted to feel vibrations and sense light.

Parts of a Worm

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Did you know that a worm has no arms, legs or eyes?


Worms eat organic matter, like dirt, decaying leaves, or even cardboard and melon rinds! They live where there is food, moisture, oxygen, and a nice temperature. If they don't have those things, they will move somewhere else. Their life span is 4 to 8 years. They have up to 8 babies. Their job is to be a fertilizer to the soil that makes the soil fertile.