Mrs. Drew's Weekly Update

4th grade: Week of 5/23

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This week in 4th grade...

  • Language Arts: The students are continuing to work on their newspaper articles. We also began learning the meanings of common proverbs and adages.

  • Social Studies: This week the kids passed a bill into law to help them to learn about the process of how laws are created. We also reviewed for our government test, which is next Tuesday. Please help your child to study over the long weekend. :-)

  • Science: We wrapped up our Soils, Rocks, and Landforms unit by using various properties to identify several minerals. After doing this, we reviewed for our end of chapter test, then took the test on Friday afternoon.

  • Math: This week we finished chapter 14 on decimals. Before taking the chapter test, the students learned to find fraction, mixed number, and decimal equivalents, and order decimals. On Friday they began a math project (using fractions and decimals) to plan a bakery (square footage, cost, recipes, etc.).

  • CTP testing

Next week in 4th grade...

  • Language Arts: Final Wordly Wise due Thursday; No Spelling homework; work on classroom newspaper articles, learn more meanings of common adages/phrases, DRA reading assessments

  • Science: begin STEM unit on windmills

  • Math: begin ch. 15 (Add and subtract decimals); after we finish this chapter, we will continue our Bakery project

Important Dates

  • May 30th (M): Memorial Day: No school (no camp available)

  • May 31st (T): Final Government test

  • May 31st (T): Permission slips due

  • June 2nd (Th): Field trip (French restaurant)

  • June 3rd (F): All library books due

  • June 3rd (F): Farmer's Market (12:00-2:00 on Evergreen Academy's field)

  • June 3rd (F): "Farm Day"

  • June 10th (F): All iPads and chargers due back to school