Creative Communities

Unleashing Creativity For An Economy Of Thriving

“What greater tragedy if we had the capacity to make our world better but that we didn't, only because we didn't know how to use what was at our fingertips.” W.A Jones

NZ Expert, Laurence Boomert, Shares Newest 21st Century Tools For Resilient, Vibrant Communities

Our hopes for a healthy, prosperous, sustainable future demand that we are able to adapt to times of rapid change and answer the pressing social and environmental challenges we face.

Laurence outlines how a community wide focus on ultra-creativity and the uptake of new learning skills can be applied to answering the compelling needs of the future and in doing so become the basis for a sustainable and thriving economy.

"21st Century Tools Are Available. It's Now Just A Question Of Using Them."

Increasingly we see old solutions not working any more. Top down, slow moving ideas are ineffective for 21st Century living. Asking the right questions has always been the precursor to effective, useful change. We must identify issues in order to solve them. The framework for "Unleashing Creativity..." is to answer the following:

  1. Against a backdrop of increasing social economic and environmental challenges how do we engage, connect, and empower to develop and enact solutions as a community and for the community?
  2. Is it possible to quantum leap new tools in collaborative culture and new economics?
  3. How can we promote a wider, cross sector, cross generational approach to engaging communities in creating a healthy, prosperous, sustainable future for all community members?

Here's How We Do It!

In this power-packed 1hr 25 minutes presentation of the best examples of community “can do” self empowerment for creating a better healthier, more sustainable and resilient future for ourselves and our planet, Laurence brings in new information learnt from his recent 21 state speaking tour of the USA and builds on 30 years of developing solutions.

“Unleashing Creativity…”promotes a wider more inclusive approach to engaging your community that even those not so interested in “just” sustainability can get excited by. I bring forward the best new tools for creating vibrant and resilient communities of the 21st Century focusing on:

  • ·collaborative culture,
  • ·smart locally focused economics,
  • ·unleashing community wide creativity and
  • ·adaptive learning skills, and how these can be applied in each and every neighbourhood to create resilience and revitalization.

Laurence Boomert