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Soar to Success - September 2021

2021-2022 School Year Off to a Great Start!

Wow! The first few weeks of school have flown by and we could not be happier with how smooth the transition back has been. While we have had some challenges with covid, our students are loving being at school and are learning so much every day. We want to thank our awesome parents for your support. We are so thankful to have you back in the building and we appreciate you partnering with the Tally staff to give your students an amazing educational experience. Our teachers are excited about their students and are so impressed with their eagerness to learn. As your principal, I will communicate with you in several ways. Tally parents should receive call outs, emails, and/or text messages periodically regarding important upcoming events. You can also follow Tally on the Kerrville ISD mobile app. Finally, I will send out parent newsletters to keep you informed of the great things that are happening at Tally. Please do not hesitate to contact me at school 257-2222 or by email at if you have any questions, concerns, or want to share a positive "shout out" for someone. It is going to be a great year at Tally!

Gena Carpenter

Sept 21 Tally Video


Tally Spirit Night at Raising Cane's

Wednesday, Sep. 15th, 4:30-8:30pm

1201 Junction Highway

Kerrville, TX

Raising Cane's donates a portion of the proceeds directly back to benefit Tally students, so we look forward to seeing you there!


Upcoming Events

* Sept. 14th - PTO Meeting – 12:00

* Sept. 14th–16th - 4th & 5th Grade Honor Choir Tryouts 3:15-3:45

* Sept. 15th - Lifetouch Fall Group & Individual Photos

* Sept. 15th - Raising Cane’s Spirit Night
* Sept. 17th - Posting of New Honor Choir Members

* Sept. 20th - 4th&5th Grade Student Council Applications and Posters Due
* Sept. 21st - Honor Choir Rehearsal 3:15 – 3:55pm

* Sept. 22nd - 5th Grade Student Council speeches @ 2:15

* Sept. 23rd - 4th Grade Student Council speeches @ 2:15
* Sept. 24th - First Six Weeks End
* Sept. 28th - Honor Choir Rehearsal 3:15 – 3:55pm

* Oct. 1st - Awards Assembly K – 2 @ 8:15 – 9:00, 3rd – 5th @ 9:15 – 10:00

KPSF Blesses Tally Teachers

KPSF started Tally teachers' year off in a BIG way by presenting Innovative Teaching Grants to 18 recipients totaling $26,774!!! WOW!!! We cannot even begin to tell KPSF how much we appreciate how they support KISD students. These funds will go directly to benefit our Tally students and give them new opportunities for learning in their classroom. Thank you KPSF for partnering with our teachers to invest in the future of our Tally students.

College Changes Lives Program

We are very excited to continue a program at Tally that is being led by our 5th Grade students. One of our school goals is to promote college and career readiness at an early age. As part of this goal, each Wednesday, 5th grade students will share vocabulary or stories that relate to college or a technical career over the announcements. In addition, each Wednesday will be College Shirt Day where students and staff are encouraged to wear their favorite college shirt. In the spring we will have "College Can CHANGE Your Life" Week. During this week, students are encouraged to bring change to donate to a Tally/Tivy scholarship fund. Tivy seniors who attended Tally Elementary will be given an opportunity to apply for the Tally scholarship. A committee of teachers and students will narrow down the applications to a few candidates. Those chosen Tivy seniors will then come and give a short speech to our 3rd-5th graders about their goals, how they have worked toward those goals, and why they want to go to college or a technical school. Tally students will then be given the opportunity to vote on which student should receive the scholarship and that scholarship will be awarded at the Tivy Senior Awards Program. Over the past two years we have given out 11 scholarships totaling $5,500!!! We believe that this is a great opportunity to connect our Tally students with Tivy students and let them see what great things can happen when they stay in school and work hard.

Reading aloud to your child strengthens reading skills

Even if your child already knows how to read, it’s helpful for you to continue reading aloud to him.

Reading aloud gives your child valuable quality time with you— and it exposes them to ideas, concepts and vocabulary they might not get otherwise. Each time you read together, you add to their storehouse of knowledge and strengthen their reading comprehension skills.

To boost your child’s vocabulary skills as you read, define the words they don’t know. Then ask if they can think of words that have a similar or opposite meaning.

From time to time, see if your child can figure out the meaning of an unknown word by how it’s used in a sentence. Give examples of how the word might be used in other contexts. For example, note how the word sign can be a noun (Look at the stop sign) or a verb (Please sign your name here).

As you read, you can also help your child strengthen other skills, such as:

  • Listening and speaking. After you’ve read a passage, have your child tell you what they heard. Ask specific questions—What did this character do? Where did he do it? How did it make him/her feel?
  • Memory. Don’t just start reading where you left off in a book the night before. First ask your child to recall where you were in the story.
  • Word recognition. Stop reading periodically. Ask your child to read a sentence or two to you. Help them sound out new words. Then have them read the sentences again.

Reprinted with permission from the September 2019 issue of Parents make the difference!® (Elementary School Edition) newsletter. Copyright © 2019 The Parent Institute®, a division of PaperClip Media, Inc.


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