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Read Aloud a Texas Bluebonnet Book to Your Class

Every year the TX Library Association sponsors a contest for 3rd, 4th, 5th graders as an incentive to read from a list 20 great books recommended by librarians & teachers. This is called the Texas Bluebonnet Master List.

After the students reads 5 or more out of the 20 books on the list, they get to vote for their favorite one in the Jan. 2016 contest!

The list includes some great novels, poetry, picture books, biographies, and informational text that would make a great Read-Aloud for your class.

Texas Bluebonnet Resource Page

Here's where you will find Book Trailers, interviews with the author, plus more information about the book.

Book Wizard

Look up a book's reading level at Scholastic's website.

Teachers, I'd love feedback as to whether this is a helpful tool for you, your parents & your students.

Have You Ever Wondered How to Create Email Groups in Outlook?

Here's a video explaining how to create email groups within Outlook. This would allow you to create parent lists for each of your blocks, a teacher group by grade level, etc.

Open Library for 2nd - 5th grade students

You can now send your students to the library by themselves for an open library checkout. Most of the students are independent and know what to do for checking in/out books. Those that do not know what to do, will get help from another student or I will send back to class if I'm not available to help.

If you need a library book to teach or read to your class...

If you can email me, I'll try to find the time to pull the library books you need for class. I am training volunteers these next few weeks, so they can pull these books for you also.

If another school has the copy you need, I can search and request it too. Here's the link for library catalog for you to search the ILL (Inter Lib. Loan) system for the book you want. If you want to search other schools, all you have to do is change the first drop menu "Location" to all elementary, middle schools. Then you can just tell me to request it for you.