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They Put The 'K' In King Of The Jungle


Ms. Stormont's classroom supposedly got infested with ants. Me and my partner went down to her room to get in on the scoop.

"So, Ms. Stormont, is it true that your room was infested with ants?" I asked. "Yes," Ms. Stormont answered, "but our class handled it so well it was almost like there weren't

any ants at all!" "When did it happen?" I asked. "It started about the first day of school, and carried on for a while," one of her students answered. "Now one last question," I asked, "How did it start?" Then everything got quiet. "We're not sure, I mean our students are very clean." So the mystery lives on.

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My top three favorite things about Kingsley

  1. The students and teachers!
  2. How nice everyone is!
  3. How good the teachers are at teaching!

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