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Tacori Rings available in Vancouver Market

The popularity of Tacori Vancouver is going strong, and handcrafted Tacori rings are available from a variety of jewelers across the city, as well as through online retailers who serve the Vancouver market. Based in California, Tacori is known especially for their engagement and wedding rings, but many Canadian men and women adore their non-marital lines. Tacori also sells cuff links and other men’s jewelry, to ensure that the men of Vancouver can match their women in style and flair.

Tacori is known for a special setting for their rings. Uniquely among jewelers in Vancouver and across the globe, the Tacori family sets their most brilliantly flawless diamonds into crescent-moon shaped arcs that cradle the diamond and allow flashed of light to burst through the ring’s setting and illuminate the diamond. This unique design makes the rings stand out amongst other designers in Vancouver, and explains the popularity of Tacori in the city. The setting is especially popular for engagement and wedding rings, as these baubles are meant for showing off. Many beautiful brides have happily walked down aisles of Vancouver with Tacori rings decorating their fingers.

These brides know their rings are not simple a gift, or a symbol of love, but a treasure to pass down to future generations. Each Tacori ring comes not only with the popularity of the brand’s sparkling settings, but the story and the history of the Tacori family overcoming struggles in order to immigrate to the United States. The families success and subsequent popularity in Canada and across the globe is mirrored in the hopes and shining smiles of each new bride as she wraps her hand around her lover’s and promises to love him for as long as the popularity of Tacori Vancouver . It’s common for brides to feel nervous, but amongst the Vancouver women who have opted for such a popular ring, nerves cannot last. When a couple chooses a ring that isn’t just popular but that also matches their values and aesthetics, then they can know that they are ready to embrace a happy and optimistic future together.

Residents of Vancouver do not strive simply to own a piece from a popular jewelry designer, they want to enjoy precious, hand crafted pieces of art they can wear while out and about in the city. The popularity of Tacori is accompanied by the knowledge amongst lovers of beauty that each piece is made not by a machine in a sweatshop in China but in the studio of an artist. Tacori often makes custom rings, and it is in these pieces perhaps that customers find the greatest satisfaction. When making a custom ring, the customer gets the opportunity to step into the jewelry-maker’s shoes. Tacori takes pride in helping their customer’s visions become sparkling reality, and this is one reason that have remained so popular in Vancouver. Customers might find that they have to wait longer or pay additional fees in order to see an elaborate custom ring created, but it is worth it to take a hand in creating a ring that is so popular in Vancouver.

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