Geothermal Energy

Interesting things about this energy

How it Affects the Environment

Geothermal Energy affects the environment by releasing poisons gas out in the air, that builds up in the atmosphere that causes global warming . The poisons gas also affects

animals , trees , streams of water & etc .

How it Affects the Economy

Installing in schools can benefit the school and the local communities . It can provide a big saving to local communities. Geothermal energy heat pumps for heating and cooling. The saving will be up to $144,000 yearly , with total energy cost 57% .

Bad Things

- Most sites are not close to the energy

- Fear of eruption of a volcano

- While installing can release poisons gases

- Most sites where the energy is are far away from markets & cities

- Installing the stem power plant is expensive ( take up $20,000 for the installment )

Good Things

- It not reliant on the weather

- Does not take up space

- Non - polluting

- Eco friendly

- Can be used directly , people use it for heating homes,cooking & etc

- Renewable energy source

- No waste or generation of by-product

Here are some pictures :

Here's a video :

How Geothermal Energy Works

By - Tulsi Patel 7B3