BuckEye Sports Grill

Come to our restaurant!

Our restaurant has the craziest names and best foods there is!

Menu- Mac the noodle  & Cheesey Cheese, Ribeye, Mommys Ribs, Chicken nuggets, Chicken legs/breasts/drumsticks, Cheese boogers, Petie Pizza, Bloody Worms (Pasta) 

We love our customers and we host parties in our gameroom. The gameroom has 2 bouncy houses, 6 gaming consols for our x-box, and standing game machines (packman, golf, donky kong, e.t.c.)

Store Hours

Monday-Thursday: 10am- 11pm   Friday-Saturday: 11am-11pm   Sunday: Closed   Location- Columbus, Ohio

Buckeyes Sports Grill

Customer reviews- Lily- Their mommys ribs were top notch! i definitly recomend this restaurant Cole- This steak is amazing! What do you put in it? Ross- I overall like the restaurant maybe add some items to your menu!
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