Updates for APES

The Newsletter for Ms. Crace's AP English Students

Research Project Session & Resources

I know you've all been busy working hard on your research projects.

Join me for a synchronous session, Research Project Q & A, Tuesday, April 1, 8-9 pm in my virtual office. This is your chance to ask any and all questions about the research project and presentation.

And in case you missed the links on our course homepage, here are some additional resources to help you through the process:

Research Project Overview


Tools for Organizing Your Research Findings


Sign Up for a Research Presentation Time Slot

Please complete the survey at the link below. Based on the responses here, I will schedule all research presentations and let you know when yours will be.

Presentation sessions will take place Wednesday, April 30 - Friday, May 2. If I don't receive your response by the end of the week, I will assume that you are available at any time.


Ms. Crace will be a reader for the AP Lang exam this summer!

AP Exam Review Synchronous Sessions

The AP exam is quickly approaching! Join me for the following AP Exam Review Sessions. All sessions will take place at 8pm in my virtual office.

Tuesday, April 15 - The Synthesis Essay

Tuesday, April 22 - The Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Tuesday, April 29 - The Argumentative Essay

Tuesday, May 6 - Multiple Choice (including review for our course final exam)

**You are required to take the course final exam, whether or not you're taking the CollegeBoard AP exam.

Remediation Opportunity

Be sure to take advantage of Remediation Opportunity 1 for additional points on an assignment of your choice. See the news announcement on our course homepage. Hurry, though; the deadline is midnight on Tuesday, April 15.

Become an Expert Analyst

If you'd like another chance to demonstrate your analytical skills and replace your grade on either the Two Poems Assignment or the Figurative Language Essay, watch the recording at the link below, The "So What?" of Rhetorical Analysis:


Then take the Rhetorical Analysis Essay Quiz. This is a timed essay that requires you to compare and contrast two passages on the same topic, much like the original assignments. Your score will replace the lower of your two grades.

GaVS's Spring Break is April 7-11, but feel free to continue working during this time!

Earn Extra Points: Shmoop

You should continue completing assignments in Shmoop, a tutorial and study aid website to which every GaVS student gains access through our school subscription. Please create an account if you do not already have one. Then make sure to use the GaVS magic word and the appropriate classroom code to join my classroom.

1. Go here: http://www.shmoop.com/signup/georgia-virtual

2. Create a free Shmoop account or login if you already have one.

3. Enter this Magic Word on the sign up page: LANIER

4. Join our class using this code: c74ce

5. Take the diagnostic, read the material, work through exercises, etc. The more you do, the more Shmoints you earn! These will translate (though not directly) into ELO points at the end of the semester!

Daily ELOs

Beginning the week after Spring Break, you will see an opportunity to earn a few extra points in a news announcement every other day. The prompts will all be designed to help you prepare for the AP Exam, but feel free to respond even if you aren't taking the exam. Your responses will be stored in a spreadsheet, and the points will be added to assignments at the end of each week.