All About Me

By Skye Strunk

I like sports.

I play soccer, field hockey, and dance. I like sports because it makes you get active. I love the rush of sports and i try to do sports all the time.

I love technology. ^.^

I love all types of technology, such as computers, phones, apple products and tablets. I am very good at using them and i know how to use them. I have a lot of technology like Ipads, Iphone, Macbook, computers and much more.

I love animals.

I love being outside and getting active.

From rain to shine, I'm always outside. I'm always playing sports, running around and jumping, or just sitting down. I love all types of weather and all types of animals, plants and looks of the outdoors.

I love traveling<3333

I LOVE TRAVELING. I love the feel of going to a new place. i love the sights and the different foods, land and more! Riding in cars, planes, trains and other vehicles to get you to a different place is the funnest thing. I've been to over 12 states and plan to go to every state by the time i die.