Captivie Dolphins Why?

By Elizabeth Davis

You Can Hear Them Cry

Dolphins, like you and I, are mammels. They have feelings. They communicate. Not like you and I communicate, but if you listen closely, you can understand them. You can actually hear them cry. Their crying because they want their family back wouldn't you so why pit them in captivity.
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They Know More Then You Think They Do

Dolphins are very intelligent and social creatures who want and need to live in complex social groups. In captivity they usually have been separated from their families often in brutal and cruel hunts and some where their very young a majority lf the dolphins that are taken from the ocean die on the way to whatever aquarium or Zoo their being taken to.

Bring Them Back To The Bay!

Wild dolphins can swim up to 100 miles a day, hunting and playing. In captivity they have very little space and can not behave naturally for example at the Zoo in the dolphin pool it may look big but compare that to the ocean, still think that pools big? A concrete tank can never replace their ocean home.

Why Do You Want To Hurt Dolphins?

The meantal, emotinal, and physical stress that a captive dolphin suffers can weaken their immune system and make them prone to disease. Even though captive dolphins are kept in an envioronment free of predators, pollution, and other threats, they die young. The death rate for infant dolphins is also much higher in captivity.
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What happened to being your own person?

Captive dolphins have been trained to preform tricks, day after day, for food as a reward instead of behaving naturally. When not preforming they are often kept in holding tanks smaller than show pools.

Not everyone gets along!

Forcing dolphins together that may not get along, can result in stress and aggression with no possible escape. Wild capture of dolphins is brutal. Entire pods may be targeted and many dolphins killed or injured. Only the young and fit are taken. We have no right to put these amazing creatures in captivity. Captive dolphin shows are not education, or conservation it's stress and disturbing behaviour. Captivity is all about making money. Their are many fantastic opportunites to see dolphins in the wild both from land and with a responsible boat driver, so please keep dolphins free.
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Things need to change

I hope you listened to everything I wrote, I care deeply about these creatures they need to be free what did they ever do to humans. All they want to do in life is swim around be with their families and these humans are just taking it away from them.