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B-12 and Lipotropic Injections for Weight Loss


Lipotropics is a term for three amino acids which are essential for the proper health of your liver, choline, methionine and inositol as well as B-12. The liver is the organ responsible for filtering out and removing toxins and fat from your body. The healthier your liver is the better these toxins and fats are removed. Lipotropic compounds are those that help catalyze the breakdown of fat during metabolism in the body.

Methionine: is an essential amino acid and is a major lipotropic compound in the human body. Estrogens, for example, reduce the flow of bile through the liver and increase the bile cholesterol levels. Methionine helps to deactivate estrogens. Therefore, when estrogen levels are high the body requires higher levels of methionine.

Choline: is essential for fat metabolism and is required for proper liver function. Without lipotropics, such as choline and inositol, fats and bile can become trapped in the liver, causing severe problems such as cirrhosis and blocking fat metabolism .

Inositol: is also a lipotropic thus aiding in the metabolism of fat as well as helping in reducing blood cholesterol levels. An unofficial member of the B vitamins, inositol has even been shown to relieve depression and panic attacks.

Without lopitropics such as methionine, choline and inositol fat metabolism can be impaired.

Since these are naturally occurring substances, natural “fat burners,” lipotropic injections are considered a naturally safe and effective method for stimulating fat loss. A healthy liver exports excess fats which are then used for additional energy. If there is less fat in your liver, which lipotropic injections may help with, your liver functions better at removing fat from the rest of your body. Vitamin B12 is called the ‘energy vitamin’ because it provides a real energy boost when needed. It acts to accelerate the rate of metabolism and as a result is an almost instant remedy for fatigue. The B12 and other B vitamins contained in lipotropic injections aid in boosting your energy levels and metabolism.

f you are considering using lipotropic injections as part of your weight loss regimen, it's important to understand their function, effectiveness and side effects. The effects of lipotropic injections are temporary, so they must be administered regularly. Common side effects that you may experience include tenderness at the injection site, upset stomach and lethargy. Be sure to keep in mind that this procedure is supplemental to healthy weight loss habits. Exercise, a healthy and balanced diet, adequate rest and good habits are the best way to achieve weight loss.

failed to help you reduce the fat and reach your weight loss goals, schedule an appointment with our physician. A blood test is the only sure way to determine your levels. If your levels of lipotropics are out of balance, it can be easily treated. ! (email) Good Health to You!

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