News Notes & Dates

Week of April 27

Principal's Corner

** It is that time of year we all must keep a STRONG content focus plan going. Students are very observant and if they see you start to relax and take the we only have 'XX' days left attitude they will follow your lead and will also start to do the same. With that same strong classroom management you began the school year with, you need to demonstrate that until June 1st. June 2nd will be 'Celebration Day'.

** If students are going to be out of the class room (i.e, Learning Commons) please send email to email to or call the front desk (x2253) in case they have to get a student for an early dismissal. Your communication is very helpful to the office staff to be able to assist our parents.

** Please be certain to take attendance every class!!! If a student is absent from their class and not on the Absence list do not take the students word for where they are. Please call down to the front office and let us know.

** Please be in the hallways in between classes and when students return from lunch. This time of year it is very important that students see adults around at all times.

** Let's show Anderson Township how strong the Nagel Nation is and represent our school as the largest team of participants for the Forest Hills 5K! Here is the link to sign up:

Even if you do not want to walk or run, sign up to get your T--shirt. Use the code: foresthills2015 to get a FREE registration! Remember there are tons of booths with food and games on the football field after the race concludes at 9:00am. ALL FOR FOR FREE! As of today Nagel is in 6th place for total registered, so let's talk up this great event for our community and schools. All proceeds come back to our students. Thanks.

** For those of you who have never added the Nagel Staff Calendar to your Google account, be certain to take time to do so before the summer. This way you will be up to date with all many meetings and events. If the calendar you are trying to add does not appear on the list, copy the hyperlink that appears below the calendar title on the list below and paste it into the Other Calendars text box. This should force

the calendar to add. If you still do not have access, please see someone in the LC.

** Thank you for your help in finishing our final 25 days.


* Wed. May 6 - Team Leader Meeting Room 115 @ 2:30

* Wed. May 6 - Advisory Leader Meeting Room 131 @2:30


Counselor's Corner

There are 3 Career Cafes scheduled for the end of the school year. PLEASE promote these with your students in advisory and class! Thank you!

Chef--Monday, May 4th

Clinical Psychologist--Tuesday, May 13th

Web Designer--Friday, May 15th

LIFE is either a daring ADVENTURE or nothing. ~ Helen Keller

Lizzy's Academic Advice

Reminder that you should be completing your Linkage through Batelle for Kids. This needs to be completed by May 8th. Be sure to email Lizzy with any students you add or remove. If you need assistance, please email Lizzy and she will find a time to go through the process with you.

Have you registered for the 5K?

Remember you have a FREE registration!! Use code: foresthills2015

Joy's Journal

Get ready for the FIRST schoolwide - Nagel Nation - TALENT show! Please be certain to read the link below to see the details. We know this can be a great chance for our Nighthawks to share some of their favorite things they like to do outside of our building. Thanks for your support in this undertaking. Please see Carolyn or myself if you have any questions.


Tradition continues! On June 2, we will recognize students for their performance in the classroom. Please place your individual student selection on the spreadsheet. You choice does not have to be the TOP academic achiever in your content, but should be a high-achieving student that is an all-around role model for others in the classroom.

Celebration names are due on this spreadsheet by May 15. Cheri will then go to work ordering their awards. Let me know if you have questions. Thank you.


The Bailey Special

#1: Home Track Meet on Tuesday @ 4pm! Please consider stopping by and checking out a few events. You are always more than welcome to see if we need help in the concession stand!

#2: Home Softball games on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday @ 4:30pm. The girls would love to see visit! Both teams are having great seasons.

#3: Boys Tennis plays at home (at Lindner Tennis Center at Lunken) on Tuesday at 4pm. The boys have been nearly unstoppable!

#4: PARCC is going very smoothly! Huge thanks to all the teams that have gone so far. 7-1,2 and 8-1,2 are up this week, starting on Tuesday. No makeups today...

Remember to check this PARCC EOY Document for updates and information. I especially encourage 8th grade teams to double-check the calendar for AIR dates as these may have changed!