"Born Worker"

By Gary Soto


The main character is Jose he is a very hard working boy that is known by many citizens. When he was young everyone said "his palms were already rough by the time he was three, and soon after he learned his primary colors, his squint was the squint of an aged laborer". He is a boy that doesn't go on many trips to places. Jose felt destined to work; he worked as hard as could at anything. He gets to show this when him and his cousin make a company.


Jose faces many conflicts along the way but he has one big conflict. His cousin Arnie wants to make a company so he can make money and not have to work. They discuse the percentage of money that they will get payed after doing a job. Arnie tells Jose what to do at their jobs and Jose just brushes it off. They get in a little mixe up when they where working for a man and he fell in. Arnie ran off when it happened and Jose ran over and helped.

Jose was a great boy