Weathering And Erosion

By: Bryce Brzycki and Ryan Loomis


Weathering Is when rocks gradually wear away

Physical Weathering

Physical Weathering happens with water, wind and rain wear away at rocks

Types of Physical Weathing

Wind and Water

Wind can blow sand grains at the rock, wearing it away.

Rushing water can slam rocks into things and wear it away

Ice Wedging

Water gets into cracks into the rock, the water freezes and the water expands and breaks the rock.

Chemical Weathering

When acidic rain (which is caused by burning fossil fuels) reacts with rocks and causes it to wear away

Acid Rain

When fossil fuels mix with rain and make it acidic, causing it to erode rocks


The reaction between iron bearing minerals in rocks and oxygen, Rust is an example of this

Biological Weathering

Burrowing animals or plant roots dig into the rock and crack it open


Tree roots can grow into a rock and crack it open

Burrowing Animals

Burrowing animals find weak spots in rocks and make its insides weak.

Algae, Lichens, And Mosses

They produce weak acid which turns minerals in the rock into clay weakening the rock.


Erosion is the movement of weathered pieces of rock away from the site of weathering.


Sand is carried away to from deserts and dunes


Water carries away larger particles than wind


Glaciers can pick up large pieces of rock in their path and transport them far distances.