The Cold War

A war between Soviet led countries and Western Led powers.

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The 38th parallel

The Koran Peninsula was split by a military demarcation line called the 38th parallel

Lengthened the war by splitting communism and democracy in half but not fully stopping communism in korea

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Brinkmanship was an aggressive risk taking policy that lead to potential disasters.

The Soviet was ready for war with american because they had their missles lined up

Yalta conference

The Yalta conference stated many things that the U.S and the soviet disagreed with and eventually Stalin went back on his word and there were no free elections as promised

Vietnam War

War between North Vietnam and Vietcong vs South VIetnam and America

When the americans withdrew from vietnam Communism began to spread even more there which made the war cold war last longer

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United Nations

Used to be known as the League of Nations but that failed so the U.N was created to keep world order but that didn't work out because of the world being separated by Communism

Ayatollah Khomeini

Ayatollah was sent away because of his views that were different from the government. He later came back into power and allowed 60 U.S hostages to be taken in exchange to put shah (the leader that the U.S installed) on trial after that Khomeini had a policy and the Hatred of the U.S was at the top

Truman Doctrine

It helped the war last because they gave aid to countries that could have been easily taken over by communism.

Cuban Missile Crisis

Relates back to brinkmanship the Soviet Union ended up withdrawing their arms and the U.S began to stock up on more arms just incase they were threatened again
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