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How are people changed by their relationships with others?

My Photo Represents:

How everyone around him/ her has changed to fit the new style. This person however is not being accepted as himself, so he/ she must change to become a part of the group or be himself and loose all his friends.
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Video explanation:

I think that this is showing how some peoples life change when their surrounded by people who love them, it makes them happy therefore changing their attitude on how great their life is going. It could also help them through tough times if they are missing someone and they really need someone in their life that loves them. However their are kids all around the world without present parents and when they get the chance to see them most jump for joy. Some of the kids enjoy being with people they love and people who love them. That can include friends and family. Having someone there just overall changes their attitudes.
Soldier Surprises Daughter at Soccer Game

Book A: Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

In the book Dorothy Must Die, there is a moment when Amy Gumm the main character first gets to OZ and thinks to herself how lucky she was to get away from all of the drama with her mom. However when she arrives and sees all of the people enslaved and in chains, her perfect fantasy has been rudely awakened. When she looked up too see who was in charge of this, she saw Dorothy. So during the book she must learn how to become a warrior to fight Dorothy. “ ‘If you go ‘ I said ‘I will kill you” in that quote you really get to see how Amy has had to adjust to the new OZ that she must save. If Amy succeeded she would save everyone, but if she didn’t then she would face the wrath of the new terrible OZ.

Book B: The Boy in The Striped Pajamas by John Boyne

In the book, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, show you how much Bruno had changed. He had acted out so many times once he moved, going where he wasn't supposed to, snooping around, etc. But after he started getting lonely and bored all the time, and that's when Bruno looked out his window and saw people. He thought they all looked odd and very strange, they looked very disturbed like people Bruno wasn’t used to. All of the kids he used to play with were always dressed well and never dirty. But when he went down to the camp to see the people, they were chained in a fence and wearing dirty clothes and none of them looked clean. Where he used to live he would never be caught talking to people like them, however he was still talks and feeds his new friend Shmuel. Then one day Bruno goes to the other side of the gate. And ignoring his parents rule climbs over and says to Shmuel, “‘ You are my best friend Shmuel, my best friend for life.’” When he says that you know that he has changed from the boy he was when he first moved to now.

Book C: Gimme a Call by Sarah Mlynowski

In the book Gimme a Call the main character, Devi Banks thinks that life is going great for her. Until she gets a call. The person on the other end is her future self, she then gets news from the future Devi that she can now fix things for them. Everything goes great she keeps her friends and never ends up with the guy that hurts her and they think that everything is fine. Until they start taking advantage of each other. They soon realize that they aren’t meant to be in contact with each other. Their relationship soon becomes dismantled when the past Devi does something that they will both regret. “ I think I might pass out. I retreat back to the house. I need to find out what's going on. What happened to my dad? I need my dad. What if something…. Something happened to him.” In that quote you can see how they took advantage of their new skill and they ended up doing something that could ruin their family.

My experiences:

There are sometimes in my house when I get very annoyed with my family, but when we all go out and do something as a family then it's not as bad. My photos are showing you my family and friends when we all get along and hang out and have fun with each other. If we ever get mad then we don't act like friends that day or for a few days. But once we get over it then we have fun together and we hang out like nothing ever happened. But depending on how bad the fight was or how mad we were at each other we would realize that we need one and other to be happy and show nice emotions instead of sad ones.

Say by John Mayer

I think that this song is saying how some people chose to keep their emotions inside because of what other people say or have done to them. This song is telling people that they can still do what they need to do for themselves. I also think that during this song he is telling everyone that they can be themselves without changing. He wants people to be able to say what you need to say but still be yourself. John wants everyone to know that changing won't help them it will only satisfy the person who wants you to change.


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