Looking for Alaska

by Madison Rohlfs

Author: John Green

Pudge joins a boarding school in Alabama. His roommate, The Colonel, becomes his best friend even though they are total opposites. The Colonel introduces Pudge to Alaska and he falls in love with her. The three of them and their two other friends, Lara and Takumi, play many pranks on everyone at school. One night Alaska needed to leave so Pudge and The Colonel helped her and asked no questions. The next day they found out that she got into an accident and died.
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Culver Creek

Culver Creek is a boarding school in Alabama. It's Pudge's first year. There is many rules that no one follows. Mr. Starnes, the dean of students, is called the Eagle. He sees absolutely everything that happens on campus because he lives in the dorm circle

This is a story about happiness.

"Very little is needed to make a happy life."

Man vs. Self

When Alaska died, Pudge and the Colonel thought it was because they let her leave in the middle of the night when she was drunk. They set off fireworks to distract the Eagle. Therefore, if they wouldn't have let her leave, she would not have died.

"She's not dead. She's alive. She's alive somewhere. She's in the woods. Alaska is hiding in the woods and she's not dead, she's just hiding. She's just playing a trick on us." -Pudge (page 140)

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