The Franny Feed

straight from the ED

From the Boss lady

ENA week: Hope you enjoyed the festivities and your sweatshirts. I am ordering more. Please see me if you didn't get one.

Staffing: Judy Deniz has retired and Jeffery Dalton took a full time position at CPMC. We will miss them! Please welcome Armand Ching and Sarah Wells who are now our employees. Armand is working full times on Night shift and Sarah is doing perdiem. I have also hired 2 travelers: Ryan Stewart and Rachel White. Please welcome them!

Ambulance doors: I finally got this approved. We are working on a construction date now. More to come!

CEN: please take the test! We want more board certified RN's in the department. Remember, I will pay for it all. See me if you have any questions.

Dirty Utility room: please remember to clean your commodes and dump your urines. The charge RN's will now round on this room at change of shift to ensure this is happening. Remember you are responsible to for cleaning your commodes NOT housekeeping. I am looking into a disposable commode liner but until then, do not leave a dirty commode in there.

You also need to spray reusable equipment with the enzymatic spray prior to placing in the silver tray. Come see me if you have any questions.

Cell Phones: together with your union we are enforcing "No personal cell phones on the unit." This is not allowed. Please leave your phone in your locker or car. If your family needs to reach you they can call the unit. Let me know if you have any questions surrounding this. The hospital as a whole will also be adopting this policy soon. Also, please do not delete any messages regarding sick calls, available shifts, cancellation , or anything that has to do with staffing. Since we do our own staffing, we have to keep a log of the actions just in case there is a discrepancy.

Computers: I have replaced all the keyboards and mouses in the department. Let me know how you like them.

Falls: All high risk falls patients must have yellow socks, band and now a yellow gown. We have yellow gowns in the linen cart. Please dispose of them in the designated linen hamper (identified by clear bag and it says "yellow gowns" on the lid). I have also purchased two new fall gurneys. The pads have sensors on them. They are in the process of getting tagged downstairs. As soon as they are released, we will in-service you on them.

Peds TV: We have a TV, DVD player and some kid DVDS in the conference room. Feel free to wheel this into rooms for kids. Feel free to add to the DVD collection :)

Chairs: all new chairs have been ordered for the patient care rooms( yes, they are wipe-able) . We are also in the process of getting new chairs for conference room, staff lounge and nursing station.

Christmas Party: Save the Date DECEMBER 11TH. We will also be celebrating Dr. Naidus' retirement. The party will be at Dr. Nadius' house.

I think that is it for now! Happy Halloween!

From Joann Sun MD- Medical Director

Starting Nov 1, MD night shift will be starting at 11pm.

Christian McNeill has accepted the position of Lead PA! He's already been doing all the hard work and now he's finally got the title to go with it! Please welcome him to his new position!

Be on the look out for information on our CEP joint ED-Hospitalist Holiday party in December!

frannylist -CLASSIFIED-NEW!!

We are starting a new section where you can sell your stuff. Please email Minami what you have for sale with a picutre if you have it.

Performance Improvement

Sepsis: you are all doing a great job. We have been quite consistent in meeting our bundle:

  • 100% screening for sepsis
  • ISTAT lactate within hour of known sepsis
  • Antibiotic administration within an hour of known lactate >2
  • For lactate >4, 30 ml/kg of fluid within 3 hours

Congratulations! Our mortality rate dropped from 50% to 26%!!!

Education Corner

The Education board in the back hallway has been updated. In addition to having information on classes through Nursing Education, it has BLS re-certification registration forms, information on upcoming CE classes and important information pertaining to upcoming mandatory training dates, times and locations. Check it out and stay up to date!

CEN REVIEW: We’re hosting another CEN review class January 8th and 9th. It’s free for all Saint Francis employees and discounted for other Dignity Health members. Email Allison if you are interested in registering for the class. The MC Strategies modules are designed to help prepare you for the certification exam as well. Remember that the MC Strategies modules are due to be completed in February 2014. You should be working on 1-2 per month until all of the modules are complete. Please see Allison if you need help accessing the site or if you need additional resources.

Employee Spotlight ~ Hannah Berns ~

Q.1) How's your experience been in our ED so far?

"It has been FANTASTIC. I have learned so much and gained such great experience over the past year. My favorite part has been working and bonding with the excellent staff. Everyone has been so supportive and I'm overjoyed to be working in such an amazing ER!"

Q.2) What is your favorite nursing task in ED?

"Being able to put my nursing education to good use as a lunchlady."

Q.3) You are Miss runner. Tell us your philosophy of running.

"Run until you can't run anymore, and in order to keep yourself entertained, sing and dance to your playlist and make a fool of yourself."

Q.4) If you could have an unlimited storage of one thing, what would it be?

"Baking supplies!"

1st Annual Avant Art

Saturday, Nov. 23rd, 6:30pm

467 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA

Allison is hosting an event, featuring local artist (Minami & Alicia) exhibiting multimedia pieces. $10.00 @ the door, 100% of door proceeds and 10% artist sales will be donated to: Girl Rising

Check out their website: WWW.GIRLRISING.COM

RSVP @415-203-2905