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September 30th-FAIR DAY!

October 1st -Self-Assessment and T-PESS goals due

October 5- Board work session (Not required to attend)

October 7th- Principals meeting -Curriculum focus

October 19- Board meeting (Required attendance)

October 19th- First day of early voting

October 21st- Principal's meeting (Admin svcs)

October 27th- Board Work session

October 30th- Last day of early voting

November 3rd- Election day

November 11th- Early release

November 23rd-27th Thanksgiving holidays!!

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Who is the Principal? Does the Principal eat? Does the Principal Live at the school?

These are all questions I have been asked and I am sure you have too! Kids have hilarious misconceptions that have created some funny memories. Someone reminded me recently of one of my favorite things to do as a principal and I wanted to share it with you. I had storytime in my office! I moved out some of my furniture and I would have the kindergarten teacher come drop off their class for about 20 minutes for a special time with the principal. We would spend a few minutes looking around my office and I would ask them "What are some things you see that tell you about me?" They would look at my pictures, my books, etc. as you can imagine the comments were hilarious. We would then sit on the floor together (it was pretty cramped) and I would ask them what they thought my job was. We even came up with a special signal for them to say hi to me in the hallway that was just between "us". Was this a marketing ploy? ABSOLUTELY! I enjoyed the time and I miss it very much, but I definitely had a motive. I wanted them to have a positive connection and think of their principal as loving and caring about them. We took a picture at the end and I sent a note home with the picture that went something like this. "Your child went to the principal's office today. Wait! Don't worry it's for a great cause thank you for entrusting your child to our school, etc. etc.." I got so much positive feedback from that time with those precious kids. The connection I formed with them was priceless and their parents and teachers appreciated it too. The teachers loved the break, but they also appreciated that I spent time getting to know their students.

I share all of this not to brag on myself (It is fun to walk down memory lane) but to ask you to think about how you are accessible to kids. It is great to meet them where they are and be in the classrooms, but are their other opportunities where they can see into your world and see your love and passion for them and their school? Does anyone else have an idea to share? S'more has a feature where you can comment below if you do! What's a creative way you connect with kids other than being in their classrooms?

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