Taming of the Shrew

Petruchio(Patrick) tames Katherine(the shrew) because at first he was paid to go out with her. At first she was ignoring him and didn't really like him, but then after a couple days she finally acknowledged him and started talking to him. He gains control over her because she starts to fall for him. He gains control over her at first just so that Hortensio(Joey) con go out with Bianca. Petruchio's motivation to do this is that he is getting paid to take her out. At first ho is doing it for the money but then later in the story/movie Petruchio gets feelings for Katherine and didn't care for the money.

Petruchio is only motivated in the beginning by money. He is paid off just so. Lucentio, somehow, in what i think was way too easy, convinces hortensio to pay Petruchio, why so many have io’s in their name I don't know. Anyway, Petrucio tames the shrew by beating her at her at her own game. Petrucio, with help from Lucentio,finds out kat’s likes and and dislikes. From the movie view, he gets her by her like of music. His motivations, at first, was only the money paid by Hortensio, (joey in the movie). However, by the end he and katherine seem to be in something more than just a paid relationship. Petrucio manages to tame the shrew, and finds more than just a paid relationship. I believe that these techniques could totally be used in modern society. It fits everything I know so far, and a well played game can win any scenario.

Petruchio gets Katherine by getting to know her and finding interest that she like and finding things that have in common. He is motivated to do this by getting paid to go out with her but in the process he falls for her. These techniques can be used in to days society but it is disrespectful and cruel to do this. If someone paid me to do something like that I wouldn't do it because all you would care about is money and not finding out how the person really is. Today’s know it is wrong to do thing like that and know they can hurt somebody emotionally.


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