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The ruins of the ancient city of Tika in the the Mayan Empire

Picture yourself standing in a large, open plaza surrounded by soaring temple-pyramids. On the ground are structures on raised platforms that are painted in bright colors.

Why is this so important? This city is so important because it is home of the ruler, priests, and nobles. Farther out are the stone houses of the merchants and artisans. At the very edge of the city are thousands of small, thatched-roof house-mounds where the peasants live.

The Aztec Empire

Monday, May 23rd, 11:30am

In the Valley of Mexio, ( where the Aztec Empire arose) the Great Temple

a stone pyramid 150 feet in the sky. Decorated with bright sculptures and murals. It has two steep stairways leading to double shrines. One shrine was dedicated to the chief god, Huitzilopochtli. The other was dedicated to Tlaloc, the rain god. In front of the shrines stood the stone where priests performed human sacrifices. An altar, called the tzompantli, displayed the skulls of thousands of sacrificial victims. Other structures in the plaza included more shrines and temples, the ritual ball court, military storehouses, and guest rooms for important visitors.

Why is this so important? This temple is so important because it shows how the Aztec's portray there religion and how they worship many Gods.

The Royal Road in the Inca Empire

The Inca Empire stretched for over 2,500 miles. To communicate across this distance, the Incas used runners called chasquisto that would take messages from one part of their territory to another. The would take these messages using the Royal Road.

Why is this so important? The Royal Road is so important because without this system, territory's wouldn't be able to communicate with one another. Also using this road usually means there is an important message for the emperor.

The Royal Palace in the city of Tenochtitlan which is in the Aztec Empire

Outside the plaza stood the royal palace. A two-story palace which looked like a small town. This palace was the home of the Aztec ruler, government offices, shrines, courts, storerooms, gardens, and courtyards.

Why is this so important? This palace is so important because its where the praised ruler lives and where he makes decisions.

Fun Facts About the Inca's, Mayas, and Aztec's

  • Religion was very important to the Mayas. They built their cities around religious and ceremonial centers
  • The Aztec Empire began in 1428, when the Aztecs and their allies won a victory against the Tepanecs.
  • To manage the empire, Incan leaders used a system of roads. The two main routes were the coastal road and the inland road, which was called the Royal Road.

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