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What's Happening this week:

Monday: D Day. Volleyball Intramural 7:30am. Tiny Guitar Club 7:45am.

Tuesday: A Day. Volleyball Intramural 7:30am. PLC's All Day. Good News Club 3:40pm in the gym. Girls on the Run 3:50pm.

Wednesday: No letter day. Volleyball Intramural 7:30am. Leadership Rally 9:00 a.m. Early Dismissal @ 1:10pm.

Thursday: B Day. Volleyball Intramural 7:30am. Admin Council @9:15am. Girls on the Run 3:50pm.

Friday C Day. First Lego League Club 7:45am in the Library.

Our Personal Mental Health is Important.

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Early Release Professional Development

All certified staff should go to their Learning Plan to register for Wednesday's activities.

  • Message from Dr. Mulford at PHS in the cafeteria at 1:30 p.m.
  • Evaluate Data Training 2:00-3:00 p.m. at PHS
  • Grade Level Meetings 3:00-4:00 p.m. at PHS
  • Electives Teachers, Counselor, SPED, Diagnostic, Library shoudl attend the sessions that meet their needs.

Professional Growth Plans

Professional Growth Plan meetings should be complete by the end of the week. See your assigned administrator to schedule a meeting. It's exciting to see teachers plans and the strategies being used in the classroom. Zitzman is doing some great things for kids.

Zitzman's Website

Check out the new and improved Zitzman webpage. Mrs. Carrico has put a lot of time and energy into our main communication tool for the general public. Approved scheduled events will be added weekly. A quarterly newsletter will be posted to the page. Each grade level and all departments are encouraged to send an informational document to Mrs. Carrico to be published by Friday, October 12th. Help us celebrate the great news about Zitzman.

Attendance Report from Dr. Sladek

You should have seen that on Mondays from here on out I am sending out a 'newsletter' with a parent topic, quote, and attaching attendance information. I am hoping this will support and continue to build our home/school connection.

I will have updated numbers to you for the month of September with the graphs updated for you to review with your class.

Once you spell PERFECT ATTENDANCE - email me! The next extra recess is set for this Friday October 5th from 2:20-2:50 where I will take your class out to the playground for extra recess.

Congrats to Ms. Thate's class for being the 1st on the list to earn this recess!

Title 1 News

October 1, 2018 Title I fall literacy planning meeting 4-4:30 pm in Title I room 21. Anyone welcome. So far, the October 26th event will still be called Go, Go, Ghost Night as per the SurveyMonkey results. If you didn't receive a ballot from SurveyMonkey, check your junk mail or request that Mrs. Savin send you a survey ( Its only 3 questions and takes one minute. The survey will be closed October 6, 2018.

October 5, 2018 Read, Right, and Run Club begins at the middle school track at 7:45 am. 3-5th grade homeroom teachers please find a hard copy of Mrs. Rampani's and Mrs. Savin's welcome letter and release/emergency contact form in your mailbox for Thursday packets.

Teach Leadership: 4 Ways to Boost Empathy in the Classroom

A big part of what we do as teachers is partnering with students to create compassionate classrooms. But how do we do it? How do we grow egocentric students into empathic leaders? One powerful solution for this challenge comes in the form of a direct lesson on empathy.


Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others and to respond in helpful ways. For the most part, empathy doesn’t just happen. It’s forged through concrete actions that help students consider others, day in and day out.

What kinds of actions?

Here are four that can have a big impact:

  1. Practice listening with eyes, ears, and heart. Help students to listen beyond words by teaching them to look at body language. Try naming emotions based on facial expressions. Engage in role-playing activities to help students notice what others are feeling.
  2. Think about and remember experiencing similar feelings. As students begin to identify the emotions of others, invite them to remember a time when they experienced similar feelings. Spend time reflecting on those memories.
  3. Ask thoughtful questions. Ask students about the types of questions we could ask others when we notice different emotions. For example, we may ask, “How can I help?” or “What’s wrong?” if we notice that someone is feeling frustrated.
  4. Show kindness. Identify ways to show others that you care. Connect to prior learning about the Emotional Bank Account and ways to build trust with others. A T-chart is great for capturing withdrawals and deposits.

We can always learn to be more empathic. However, boosting empathy is challenging. It is a skill that many of us–adults and students–can work on for a lifetime. Empathizing well takes intentional time and modeling, as well as explicit teaching and opportunities to practice.

Attached are some Lesson Plans to help you get started:

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How many of you have 100% parent connection on Dojo? This is your justification that you EARNED yourself a STRAWBERRY Milkshake!

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