Ms. Mac's Memos

Week of July 26th

Mission & Vision

Park Street Mission:

We Learn. We Grow. We Thrive.

Park Street Vision:

Our vision is to provide a collaborative foundation for successful learning and living through:

P- Positive Experiences

S- Supporting all students

E- Engaging with the community and creating

S- Students of excellence

Week at a Glance


  • Admin meetings
  • Schoology Training from 10 am- 12 pm


  • 8:30-9:30 am iReady PD for new teachers

  • 10-12:30 pm iReady PD for ALL teachers



  • District PD Day
  • Channel 2 News is visiting Park Street and will be taking pictures. You may want to look nicer on Thursday just in case they decide to stop in your classroom. They will arrive at noon.


  • Virtual Sneak-A-Peek

*Welcome back training day could change depending on building readiness

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Weekly Meeting Schedule

Admin Meetings: Mondays & Thursdays at 9 am

SILT Meetings: Every other Friday from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Staff Meetings: Friday (once a month) from 11:30 am -12:30 pm

Clerical Meetings: Tuesdays from 10:00 am - 11:00 am

PLC Meetings: Fridays from 1:00-2:00 pm (during closure)

PLCs will begin on Friday, August 14th

  • Kindergarten- PLC Facilitator: Mr. Johnson
  • 1st grade- PLC Facilitator: Ms. McIntire
  • 2nd grade- PLC Facilitator: Ms. Welch
  • 3rd grade- PLC Facilitator: Ms. Bagwell
  • 4th grade- PLC Facilitator: Ms. Worley
  • 5th grade- PLC Facilitator: Mr. Soto
  • ID teachers- PLC Facilitator: Dr. Caldwell

FYI...Mac's Memos will be sent out on Sundays


Frequently Used Links

Staff Shout out Link

Here is the link to add a staff shout out:
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Our staff master calendar is posted in Schoology. Please visit our staff Schoology page to keep track of upcoming events and deadlines.



Coaches Corner

Upcoming PD:

July 27 Virtual PD: Schoology 10am

Meeting ID: 875 4519 0444

Passcode: Tu55Wu

July 28 Virtual PD: IReady

Introduction to iReady - New Teachers 8:30-9:30


July 28 Virtual PD: Using iReady resources to support ELL students 10:00-12:30


July 30 District Virtual PD DAY

See PSE Master PD Calendar here:

PSE Virtual PD Menu:

Tech Tip

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Assistant Principals' Corner

AP Corner 1:

Mr. Soto will send out the Beginning of Year Checklist and Staff Handbook Tuesday morning. Upon receipt, please email him if you have any questions.

AP Corner 2:

Homeroom rosters are live in Aspen. Please note new students are being added daily as well as students withdrawn based on family movement.

The 10 day count will apply this year as well. Students who are "no shows" will not be removed from your class roster until the 10th consecutive day as a "no show."

Please be patient as it will take a couple of weeks for rosters to be finalized. Adjustments will be made as needed based on classroom models (i.e. EIP reduced class size, EIP augmented, ESOL innovative) school enrollment.

Grade Level Planning

Please send zoom links and calendar invites for your grade-level planning meetings to the administrative team.

You have planning times Monday-Thursday while students are at Specials. This is your time to collaborate and discuss any virtual learning logistics or action items.

Staff Handbook

  • Click HERE to view the staff handbook
  • Please read it in its entirety
  • It is listed as an assignment on the staff Schoology page
  • Please submit the "assignment" in Schoology once you have finished reading it

Beginning of Year Checklist (B.O.Y.)

  • The B.O.Y. will be poted in Schoology on Tuesday
  • Please review and complete the items that are due
  • Most items will be submitted as assignments in Schoology
  • There are due dates for each item

Orientation Week August 4th- 7th

Some reminders:

  • Please share your orientation week schedule with your families.
  • Please make sure your families are aware of the materials' pick-up schedule.
  • We will be ordering shopping bags for you to put items in you are distributing to students.
  • Please have ALL materials ready in your bags and taken to the appropriate tent
  • Wear NEW staff t-shirt on materials distribution days (both days)

Some ideas:

  • Play virtual get to know you games with your class
  • Do an "All About Me" activity
  • Show students how to navigate Zoom and Schoology
  • Review your virtual learning procedures and expectations (practice them frequently)
  • Do a "show and tell" for younger students
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Welcome Back Training Day

Please review:

  • The SILT team collaborated to develop an Academic Core Commitments document
    • This document is a representation of what we are committing to do and asking each homeroom teacher and support staff teacher to do in an effort for us to be more consistent and cohesive as a school

    • Please read the document in its entirety and bring any questions to our PD day and I will answer them in the “Goals” PD session

    • Each teacher will be asked to sign a copy acknowledging they have received it

Please bring:

  • Laptop

  • Student data cards (from last year)

  • Mask

  • Pen/pencil

Zoom Etiquette

  • Please remember to have proper Zoom etiquette during training, PLCs, professional developments, staff meetings, etc.

  • Going forward, please ensure your cameras are turned ON during every Zoom meeting and training

    • This includes PLCs, Staff meetings, school-based trainings, district trainings, etc.

Student Attendance

It is EXTREMELY important you take attendance for your class in ASPEN daily. If attendance is NOT taken accurately, it could impact future teaching positions and funding.

  • Attendance should be entered by 3:30 pm daily
  • If a student does NOT attend a live Zoom lesson, but still submits work and assignments in Schoology for the day, mark them PRESENT
  • If a student shows up for even one live lesson, mark them as PRESENT

Virtual Learning Considerations

  • Many of you are eager to begin setting up your classroom space in preparation for virtual learning. As you prepare, please remember to communicate important and relevant information with your families. Below are some tips for communicating with your families:

    • Think of things from a parent perspective

    • As a parent, I need to know exactly what my child’s schedule will be for the week, not the entire class

    • Keep communication short and sweet

    • Get translations to Ms. Martinez a week in advance (if possible)

    • Include as many visuals as possible

    • Send communication each week and try to send on the same day around the same time

    • Give parents tips for setting up a learning space at home

    • Give parents tips for helping their child complete work and engage online

    • Make things as clear as possible

    • Share video tutorials when possible

Schoology Page Links

On Monday you will receive training on how to set up your Schoology shell. Once you have done this, please send me your link (via the form below) so I can update it on the Park Street website.

Click HERE to submit your information.


There are many people still missing their pictures on the website. If your photo is missing, please email me your photo so I can add it to our Park Street page.

Here is the link to view the staff directory:



iReady Diagnostics

There is an iReady folder on our staff Schoology course with teacher tips and resources. The iReady Tips for Educators page is also full of fun and unique ideas.


If you have a Bitmoji, please send me a picture of it. I would like to use them for a bulletin board in the new school.

Student Assessments

Students will take a variety of assessments during the closure including:

  • iReady Reading
  • iReady Math
  • Pearson Quick Checks
  • Running Records
  • F&Ps
  • Pioneer Valley Reading Assessment

If you need assistance on the best way to administer these assessments, please reach out to the Academic Coaches or Mr. Johnson

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Virtual Meet the Teacher Tips

I found a really neat Blog post with virtual "Meet the Teacher" tips.

Click the link to learn some great ideas to help connect with your students and families during our Virtual Sneak-A-Peeks. Link to blog

  • Please dress professionally for your Virtual Sneak-A-Peek Zoom sessions and your recorded video.
  • This is the first time some of your families will see you and we want to make a great first impression.
  • Please make sure your video is created in a space with good lighting and minimal background noise.
  • When conducting your virtual Sneak-A-Peek, please also try and have good lighting and minimal background noise.
  • Send/share any important information and documents with families
  • Review your daily schedule and learning expectations
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Digital Student Data Cards

  • This year we are rolling out digital student data cards.
  • You will be trained on how to use the digital data cards during our welcome back PD session.
  • The data cards will be our way to monitor and track a student's overall performance and growth.
  • Please keep your data cards updated regularly.

New Classroom Spaces

Just a reminder of some Do's and Don'ts in your new classroom and office spaces.

  1. DON’T put up any vinyl lettering (except office spaces & doors)

  2. DON’T use hot glue

  3. DO use Command Strips

  4. DON’T bring a personal fridge

  5. DON’T over stimulate your students (50% of walls open and clear)

  6. DO think of a way to cover your windows (on the door frame) during intruder drills

  7. DON’T use staplers, thumbtacks, and tape on the wall

  8. DON’T bring in rugs/stuffed animals (until COVID is over)

  9. DO use non-fabric flexible seating (that can be sprayed)

  10. DO come and see us after stuff is put away if you need “extra” furniture approval

  11. DON’T put tape on carpets (velcro dots are ok)

  12. DON’T swap or take extra furniture from any other location (let Alex know if something is missing)

  13. DO check your rooms for any damage, construction flaws, leaks, etc.

  14. DO wear safe (closed-toe) shoes when coming in (the road and parking lot will not be completely paved yet)

  15. DO keep your classroom spaces clean and clutter-free

Staff Shout Outs... (please submit shout-outs by 3pm on Thursday)