Year 1 News

Miss Hansson's ELC2 Superstars

What's Happening in ELC2:

Past Week - Week 5

  • Monday-2 March: No School
  • Tuesday-3 March: ELC2 cleaned the front of the school for Clean up Australia day
  • Wednesday-4 March: Book Sale - This was so successful that each student got their own book to say thank you for all the help and support of the Coolbinia Primary School families

Next Week - Week 6

  • Monday-9 March: Bug Clubs Passwords are in and will be sent home this week!
  • Friday-13 March: I will be at a PD. Deadline for the Kep Kaatijin Incursion notes
  • Saturday-14 March: Join myself and others at the P&C Quiz night (7:30 Yokine Bowls)

Kiss and Drop Update

Parent-Teacher Communication Before School:

A special thank you to the parents that have been using the ELC2 parent communication book and notes box to the right of the door (where the water bottles used to be).

Just to reiterate please remember for

  • Messages you wish to pass on: to keep me informed about your child (e.g. who is picking them up or current injuries, lack of sleep etc.) please write your message under today's date in the diary with your name and your child's name.
  • Notes to give me: Such as absentee letters, permission slips etc, go in the blue A4 box also located with the diary near the classroom door. If you have cash please put in a labelled envelope from the box (if it is not already in a bag).

Purpose for Kiss and Drop:

Being able to organise their own materials and start a task on their own is an important step in students developing a higher level of independence and responsibility. This provides a smooth transition into their morning routine and learning. As a teacher, having this time allows me to focus on the children and provides valuable 1-on-1 time to work on student's skills and area of need. Recording information in the book allows me to keep on top of information regarding the students as I check the book at 9am and follow it up later in the day when needed. Please note, this book is not an appropriate way to communicate confidential/sensitive matters, if this is the case please request a parent meeting via email.

Veranda Area

Please note many parents have been remaining on the veranda after dropping their child into the class. Due to moving from a Pre-Primary setting to Year One, some students are still adjusting to the change to the formal school environment. Seeing parents and younger siblings outside (even if not their own) has caused some students to become unsettled. Once you have dropped your child off please be considerate of not remaining on the veranda outside the classroom windows.

More Morning Volunteers Still Needed

If are available to help out in the mornings and would like to volunteer to be a parent helper (by changing home readers, coaching sight words or listening to reading) please sign up on the door and come into the room. The times to volunteer will be

  • Monday-Wednesday 8:20-8:45
  • Thursday 8:20-8:35
  • Friday odd weeks 8:20-8:45 / even weeks 8:20-8:30

A big thank you to parents who have signed the roster and come in for their set days. Your help is terrific and very appreciated by myself and all the students. If you are able to come every week please fill in your name on odd and even weeks. If you are only able to make one morning session a fortnight please fill you name on one week (odd/even).

Head Lice

There has been a reported case of Head Lice in your child's classroom. Please be comforted by the fact that Head Lice often infest clean, well-groomed hair. Would you please examine your child's hair and, if treatment is necessary, contact your Doctor or your local Pharmacy for advice. A Fact Sheet and pamphlet on 'Prevention and Treatment of Head Lice' are also available from the School Office on request.

Urgent - Kep Kaatijin Incursion:

What: Whole school incursion, called Kep Kaatijin.

Why: This is presented as a part of s Harmony Week celebrations and Geography, Arts & Aboriginal programs.

When: Term 1, Tuesday 24th March, 11am – 12pm

Where: Undercover area.

  • Important - Despite giving students reminders to put their permission in the blue box I am still missing more than half the classes permission slips (sent in week 3 and week 4's ELC2 newsletters) . I would not like to see any student miss out because of a late note. To ensure your child can attend the incursion please return the attached permission slip & $9.00 by this coming Friday 13th March by EFTPOS (front office) or cash (labelled in the blue box)

Urgent - Outstanding Fees:

  • Please ensure you have paid the two fees below.


Please ensure you have paid $15.00 for the Mathletics software license by EFTPOS (front office) or cash (labelled in the blue box)


Please ensure you have paid $11.00 for the Sci-Tech membership by EFTPOS (front office), or deposit the correct amount into the school's bank account, stating child's surname and Room No. to BSB number 306-091 Account number 415694-3 (Bankwest Morley) or cash (labelled in the blue box). This allows the students the opportunity to visit the Scitech exhibitions in 2015, visit Horizon- the Planetarium and experience the Outreach Spacedome or an Outreach science show.

Apologies Parents

Apologies about the delay in releasing the class this Friday. This week we typed our communication book letters for you endeavoring to glue them in when we returned to class however this task was much more time consuming than initially planned when coming across some technical difficulty in printing. With time against us the students have slipped the page inside their communication books. I explained to them that they can ask for help from home to trim the paper sides smaller and paste it in their book at home ready for your response on the next page.

Secondly apologies about the lack of sight word books this weekend. We were practising them this morning and when setting up for painting colour wheels in Buddy Time they were moved. I regret to say I forgot to redistribute them before the bell after the printing difficulty. Please practise Mathletics and reading books from home/your local library until then and on Monday they will be returned with the usual school diary (BEAR Club tally updated) their new Bug Club Password and their new reader.

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