by Avery


There are 5 different types of Koalas. The Honin Koala, the South Australian Koala, the Victoria Koala, the South Wales Koala, and the Queenland Koala .

Physical Appearance

They all have large ears and dark soft round noses. Their beady eyes and mouths open wide .
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Koalas feed mainly at night they need to eat 500 grams of eucalyptus.They eat leaves at an angle.They feed for one to two hours


A koala breeds in the summer and then the baby koala is born a month after mating . A female koala can only have five or six babies in a life spand .

Fun facts

Did you know the name koala comes from Dharuku language .Did you know a baby koala is called a Joey.
Koala Wants A Cuddle