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Oct 8, 2021

News & Announcements

  • We greatly appreciate everyone's flexibility and understanding as we need to make adjustments to our lunch menus. The supply chain continues to be a bit of a struggle so please check your email and our Facebook page often.
  • Because of COVID and the fact that our students are not yet able to be vaccinated, it is being very strongly recommended by the board of health, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, our school nurse, and our school committee that students eat outside whenever possible, since they obviously can't be masked while eating. If they are unmasked inside, it must be a silent lunch. We are fortunate to have tents and awnings so that students are able to sit under them and remain dry. If it is raining heavily at lunch time, we will eat inside. However, if it is not raining too hard, we will be outside. I have been encouraging students to bring an extra layer to put on when eating at lunch time and have allowed them to go back to their lockers to get an extra sweatshirt if they need to. Obviously, once the weather gets too cold, this will no longer be possible, but I'd like to delay it as long as we can.
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PTO News

  • The next PTO meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov 2nd at 3:30.

upcoming events

10/8: Picture Day

10/11: No school~state holiday

10/13: 1:50 dismissal

10/20: 1:50 dismissal

10/22: Halloween Dance

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