LV Technology

Adrianna Wierer

Typing Web

1. Typing Web is used to help improve students typing skills.

2. They try to improve students typing skills because they will need it in their future.

3. The students test their improvement by accuracy and their speed.


1. We used iTrailer to make a trailer about our selves.

2. iTrailer is an app that allows you to make short movies and trailers.

3. iTrailer is also something you could use to present things.

Career Locker

1. Career Locker is an online website that shows some jobs and their availability.

2. Career Locker helped students get a better look at some of the jobs.

3. Career Locker also gives quizzes to test you skills.

Haiku Deck

1. Using Haiku Deck we made a presentation on our dream job.

2. Haiku Deck helps you make a presentation or slide show.

3. In Haiku Deck you can also insert photos and change your backgrounds.

Explain Everything

1. In Explain Everything we solved a math problem of our choice.

2. Explain Everything allows you to record, insert photos, write, and type.

3. You can also share some of your presentations with other people online.

Hour Of Code

1. In Hour Of Code we had the chance to learn computer programming skills.

2. Hour Of Code also provided some games to have learning this skill fun.

3. Hour Of Code also has a choice to create your own world and cartoons.

Email Etiquette

1. Email Etiquette was a lesson we learned for students to send a more professional email.

2. For Email Etiquette we had to watch a video, read through steps, then send our teacher a professional email that we wrote.

3. Due to this lesson Mrs. Myers has been getting many complements from teachers saying how thankful they were of her teaching that lesson, students started to send more professional emails to them.