Hispanic- American

By: Rachel Campbell


90% Hispanic- Americans are Roman Catholic but the other 10% are other religions.

What type of people are Hispanic- American?

People are Hispanic- American if they have Hispanic parents but have grown up in some part of the U.S. Most people who are Hispanic- American have some type of family member that us Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, and South or Central- American.

What are Hispanic- Americans beliefs in Healthcare?

Most Hispanic- Americans use "Curanderos" which are naturalist healers but some use "Santeros." Santeros use the power of the saints to heal, aid, and counsel individuals. Some of them use herbs and hot stones as healing methods. Some Hispanic- Americans also believe that diseases and disorders are caused by evil spirits and forces. Not all Hispanic- Americans follow the tradition style of healing though. Some of them follow the American healthcare way and just got to regular doctors and get prescribed medication.

Preferences on Personal Space?

Hispanic- Americans have been found to prefer a smaller personal space. That is, they feel more comfortable when physically close to others.

Hispanic- American Traditions & Celebrations

Some Hispanic- American traditions are a Quinceanera, Piñata, and Aztecs. They also celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Navidad(Christmas), and La Semana Santa(Holy Week), Easter, New Year's, and Three Kings day.
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The photo above is a girl's Quinceanera which happens when the girl turns 15. A Quincenera celebrates her passage to womanhood, to give thanks to God for his blessings, and to present a young woman to the community.

Family Preferences

Most Hispanic- Americans deal with more extended family than nuclear family. They focus on strong bonds and frequent interaction among a wide range of kin. They also believe that you should place the needs of the family ahead of individual concerns.
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A piñata is often a container that is made of paper-mache, pottery or cloth and is decorated. It is usually filled with small toys or candy and then is usually broken by blindfolded people trying to hit it with a stick or a bat.


Most speak fluent Spanish and some English. The language really depends on how the parents raised them and what they grew up speaking. Most Hispanic- American families teach their kids Spanish before they teach them English because that is there native language.

Interesting Facts

* Hispanic- Americans tend to avoid competition or activities that will set them apart from their own group.

* To stand out amongst one's peers is to place oneself in great jeopardy and should be avoided at all costs.

* Many children are taught early that European Americans are not trustworthy.

* National Hispanic Heritage month begins on September 15 and ends on October 15.

* Two basic reasons for Hispanic immigration, economic opportunity and political persecution.

* Medical translators are often necessary for effective physician communication.

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