School's Out for Summer!

Join us for an end of the school year potluck pool party!

Saturday, May 25

The pool will be ready (if the weather cooperates) and the Wii is connected! Come early to swim, I'll fire up the grill around 6, so we can eat around 7 pm and stay until you're ready to go. Bring a dish, your favorite beverage and a designated driver. I'll have Kool-Aid and snow cones for the kids.

Annual Beginning of Summer Potluck

Saturday, May 25th, 4pm

Casa Beamguard; 2713 Arnold Rd, Hamptonville, NC 27020

Families and friends are welcome! We have badminton, Wii Rock Band and numerous cats and dogs for entertainment. If you have a favorite Rock Band game, bring it...odds are we won't have it.

Plan for the Evening...maybe

4 pm...Pool opens (3 ft to 8 ft...come prepared)

6 pm...Grill is heated

7 pm...Potluck

8 pm...Who knows?