Warren Middle School Activities

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If you're looking for a good UIL excuse for athletics, this is your activity. Although it doesn't seem like it, concert band builds muscles! From playing a tuba to playing a flute, it all burns calories and gets you exercise. When in a small section of band-like the flute section- making friends is very easy. Additionally, band looks very good on college applications. While it is an amazing activity to participate in, even band has its devils: band is very expensive, time consuming, and just all around difficult to have ability.


The purpose of this Fine Art is to build singing skills. Again, this elective looks very good on your college application. While it does have LOTS of enjoyable moments, choir doesn't exist to be fun. It builds technical/choral singing skills, and you grow in your music reading skills. You must be aware that fitting all the activities of choir into your schedule is hard.

Bible Study

The purpose of bible study is to promote the teaching of the Bible in a public place. Although it is quite fun, it is a religious gathering, so don't walk into it blind. This fellowship spreads the Word, and it helps you in your walk with Christ.


In this activity/elective, you learn to be more social with kids of a lower grade. You also get one more year with your favorite teacher, so that's definitely a plus. Getting to know sevvies better is always good because it reminds you that you were once a sevvie, too. While being an aide is fun- I assume it is, but what do I know- you have to be aware that it requires a lot of work.
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Lunch Club

This activity is a good way to build your literature skills; Mrs. Davenport reads in a way that makes you learn. The lunch club is quite entertaining, and it is lead by the Mrs. Davenport:). Being in this "club" has you meeting more friends; it also gets you with people that have the same interests as you. The book we are reading right now, Proxy, is a dystopian Sci-Fi story about a boy named Syd that has to get away from the evil society of Upper Class citizens. Lunch club has a few downfalls though: you have to be willing to be quiet and listen, and it takes up your lunch period.
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(Mrs. Davenport)

Hope you have a great year here at Warren, and see you soon!