From liquid to solid

Can we change milk into a solid?

How can we change our milk into a solid without using a refrigerator to freeze it?

Matter is everywhere, everything is made from matter. Milk is matter and it is in a liquid state. Some liquids like milk can freeze and change to a solid state. When heat is removed from liquid matter, it freezes.


#1: Gather your materials- 2 ziploc bags, one large and one small

#2: Pour 1 cup of half/half in the small bag

#3: Add 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla in the bag and seal it shut

#4: Fill the larger bag with ice and add half a cup of salt

#5:Place the small bag with the mixture inside the larger bag with ice and seal it shut

#6: Shake the large bag carefully. After a while, the ice will eliminate the heat energy in the mixture and the liquid will change into a solid

#7: Carefully open up your bag, grab a spoon and enjoy!