Activate Learning Observation


Planning for your upcoming Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

This smore is a support CPD SMORE designed to help Activate Learning Staff with a teaching commitment understand how to prepare for your upcoming official formal Observation of Teaching Learning and Assessment.

What is the observation assessment criteria that will be used to judge upcoming formal lesson observations?

Professional Standards Of Teachers and Students

In the recent Insted our external Ofsted consultant Richard Moore advised that the following should be reviewed in our upcoming batch of observations.Therefore we will also be paying attention to these in the upcoming batch of observations and throughout the rest of the academic year.

What we will ask you to bring to your upcoming Activate Learning (AL) observation....

  • Your lesson plan on the AL 2016-2017 group template.
  • Your scheme of Learning (SOL) on the AL 2016-2017 group template
  • A class group profile (that includes diagnostics for Literacy and Numeracy)
  • A register
  • Current examples of marked work and feedback provided
  • Your success rates from previous years if available for the same level and type of group

There are a range of teaching and learning resources and exemplar lesson plans, group profiles and schemes of learning on the ‘Pass It On’ website located on the Staff Portal.

You can find the lesson observation policy and observation forms on the Quality Assurance website.

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Official Observation Feedback

We will arrange a time with you to provide verbal and written feedback, this will be within a 7 day period following your observation. We will ask you to complete a self-assessment form after your observation . This will involve you identifying your own strength and areas for improvement in the column next to the statements and bring this with you to the feedback session.
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Quality Assurance

Please note some observations may be conducted jointly by two observers. Joint observations are embedded into the AL group lesson observation strategy to continue to improve the accuracy of the results, the rigour of the process and the effectiveness of the outcomes. This process also ensures there is agreement on what good and outstanding teaching and learning looks like.

If you have any further questions regarding your observations please contact your immediate line manager.

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A big thank you! :)

We would like to say a big thank you for all your hard work and effort in the recent staff training day. We are delighted with the progress that got made individual staff, teams and areas and we look forward to you sharing your successes as result of the targets you have set for the remainder of the academic year. Thank you for heads of learning and managers for facilitating this session and for the catering department for providing a delicious lunch and drinks in the catering outlets.
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