Lewis and Clark Expedition

By: Grace, Abigail, Carter,and Taylor

What makes the Central Region special

We Think ...

... Lewis and Clark got sent on a journey to help many people.

Expedition Goal

Lewis and Clark were to follow the Missouri River to explore and determine if there were any connecting rivers that would lead directly to the Pacific Ocean.

Where it started

They started from Camp River Dudois, to Floyd's Bluff, to Fort Mandan, to Camp Fortunate, and finally to Fort Clatsop.

Finding Water

On their expedition they had to find water acrossed the continent.

The expedition included 33 people

Did you know?

Lewis spent $2,500 for the expedition and some items they traded with the Indians such as, 288 knifes, 50 pounds of tobacco, scissors and rings.

Lewis had a newfie named seamond.

Life, And Death

Clark lived to be 68 he died September 1st 1838.He was born April 30th 1778.

Lewis lived to be 35 he died October 11th 1809. He was born, August 18th 1774. no one really knows how he died . there have been theories of how he had died for example: he was murdered or he commuted suicide! But the mystery still remains...

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