20N Elite Event

Everything you need to know for 5/14/16

Details for Elite:

*For attendees staying at the Holiday Inn (310 Pearl St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504), check in is at 3pm and overnight parking is provided.

*The scavenger hunt will begin from the Holiday Inn. We will have a table in the lobby or courtyard, depending on the weather, for check in and team assignment. Please plan to arrive by 3:30pm.

*Teams will depart for the scavenger hunt at 4pm.

*Plan to arrive at Mangiamo! Between 6:15-6:45.

*We will have vans at Mangiamo! to shuttle back to the hotel after dinner.

*Cab fare / Uber will be reimbursed for Grand Rapids based employees.

*A few people have indicated that they will be driving home after the event. If you are planning on driving home, please notify me so that we can discuss parking and other arrangements.

*Downtown is expected to be busy due to the Garth Brooks concert and 5/3 Riverbank Run, please plan accordingly for driving.

In advance of the scavenger hunt, here’s what you need to know:

*Teams will be assigned and announced when we meet.

*One member of each team must download the Scavr app (available for iOS only) – a link to the 20N Elite hunt will be provided the day of the hunt.

*Bring your smartphone, fully charged for the hunt.

*Wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately. You will be walking approximately 3 miles during the event.

*No cheating – you can’t break any laws while trying to win.

*Stay with your team at all times! You may not split up to “divide” scavenger hunt tasks or pay or bribe additional individuals to join your team to complete your tasks.

*Some challenges deal with strangers … it’s very important to be kind and respectful. Always be on guard and stay safe; use your judgement when it comes to people you don’t know. NO harassing anyone for items or photographs.

*No breaking any laws! Scavenger hunts are for having fun, but you must do so legally.

*The boundaries will be announced at the start of the hunt.

*Always play fair. Don’t let your competitive instincts drive you to ruin other people’s fun.

*Challenges may be completed in ANY order. Pictures and videos MUST be taken only during the duration of this specific scavenger hunt.

*Challenges have different point values – you will be able to see each team’s progress and points earned in the Scavr app.

*Unless specified, photos / videos must include as many team members as possible.

*Spending money for items isn’t necessary (especially because most of the fun is being creative on how you get the items).

*There will be a couple of challenges where food / drinks will be available. Someone from 20N will be present and taking care of the tab.

*No littering.

*Creativity will be rewarded – but be safe!

*Each item that includes the words “from a stranger” must be from different strangers.