Berlin Tech EOY News

June 2016, Final Issue of the School Year

Getting Ready For Summer!!

It's just about time to start cleaning up for the end of the school year. The technology team (LOL, Amy) is excited to be going into this summer very busy! I have many upgrades to do that will help make the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year better than ever.

-Completely new wireless solution in both schools with additional coverage

-New Web Filter (no more rebooting! - instant blocking and unblocking!)

-New more secure Firewall

-Additional Chromebooks on shared carts (3rd and 4th grades)

-New version of SMART Notebook with additional features (HERE)

-Latest version of Office (2016)

-Maintenance and cleaning of all current technology

-Re-imaging of all machines so they run faster.

-New printers for older models in classrooms.

-New devices in JFK Library

Other surprises!!!

I hope you enjoy your summer and look forward to seeing all your bright, sun-tanned faces again in September!

EOY Checklist

Please make sure you follow the EOY checklist given to you by your building principal. Failure to do so may result in your technology not working in September.

Here is a copy of the list for you, but please fill out the one given to you from your building principal.


Return all Neos to the Neo cart and return the FULL Neo cart to the computer lab by June16th. Keep the receiver attached to the classroom teacher computer. Mark any defective NEO as such.

Remove all batteries from the Neos. Store batteries in plastic bags. Leave batteries on top of the carts marked “NEO Batteries”.

Please return all Chromebooks/iPads/iPods/etc. to Computer Lab. New wireless is being installed over the summer and of any device that connects to the wireless is not turned in it WILL NOT work in September and will be considered a low priority ticket..

DDE Science laptop carts can get moved to the Media Center for temporary storage

The following items must be placed in a plastic bag, labeled with the room number and stored securely in your classroom closet: SMART Board pens/eraser, Bluetooth adapter for SMART Board (gray USB flash drive that plugs in to back of teacher computer) and the remote for LCD projector. Plastic bags will be available in the office. Please don’t lock these items away where Technology cannot access them for set-up in September.

SMART Boards must remain in the classroom. Please label with room number on masking tape.

All loose cords must stay attached to the computers.

If any technology equipment (computer, printer, etc.) is not working please label it as such and submit a technology request (Trouble Trakker) for repair this summer.

Please save any and all files to your U: Drive or online storage system you have setup such as Google drive or Dropbox if you would like to keep them. The U: drive will be available to copy from at the start of next school year. All computers will be wiped clean this year and all documents on the desktop will be erased.

DO NOT move ANY technology from your classroom if you are switching rooms next year!

Please write down and attach any specific software you need re-installed on the teacher station (ex: ExamView, TTL, Rainforest Maths) – Office, SMART, and printers will automatically be reinstalled.

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