Annandale P.S. February Newsletter

Dare to Dream

Welcome to February!

We are officially halfway through the school year and we have so much to celebrate! We encourage you to look for everyday awesomeness and to be grateful for small things. Those who focus on the positives in their lives tend to be happier people overall. This month we welcome Ms. Jordan Brown to our staff! Ms. Brown is teaching intermediate French and prep coverage.
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Inclement Weather - Bus Cancellation and Safe Arrival Policy

Please note our policy has changed! In the event of a bus cancellation, please contact the school to advise us if your child will be absent regardless if they are a bus student or a walker. You can also email the school as our attendance line mailbox can become quite full.

Thanks for your assistance!

Annandale Rededication Ceremony

TVDSB representatives, staff, students will be acknowledging Annandale P.S.'s newest chapter as a K-8 school. Parents and community members are welcome to join us at 2:00 p.m. in the gym on Friday, February 19th. Please sign into the office upon your arrival.

Student Pick-up and Drop-off Zones

For the safety of students and staff, please ensure you are following our marked arrows and signs as you enter and exit our parking lots. In addition, please note our "kiss and drop" zone in the rear parking lot is not a parking area. We have reports that people parking in this area are blocking the way for others trying to enter and exit the lot.

Thanks for your help to ensure our students' safety!

BYOD Policy - Cell Phones at School

In recent weeks, we have had concerns raised over cell phone use at our school. Our "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) policy is to encourage students to utilize their devices for learning purposes as directed by their classroom teacher.

When not used as a learning tool, we do not expect to see students using their devices. Students are not to text parents and caregivers to pick them up; please ensure this communication is done through the school office to ensure we follow safe arrival and dismissal procedures.

Although BYOD is encouraged, please be aware that the school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal devices. You may consider keeping valuable devices at home if this is a concern.

Please help us protect the safety of all students, as well as the learning environment in our classrooms.

From the Music Department...

February has arrived and so have recorders in some of the Junior classes. It's always so exciting to hear the amazing difference from the first day squeaks and squawks to the more experienced legato playing with clean gentle articulation (attacks) and warm sound. And YES, we are talking about recorders!!!!

Grade 7 & 8s are getting pretty good at naming notes on ledger lines (above and below the staff). Grade 8s are working in 3/4 time and the 7s are adding new notes.

Beginner band is working on a piece of music for full concert band. What a challenge to play with lots of different parts playing at once ... but this crew is definitely up for it.

Grade 8 band has so many pieces that they enjoy playing and working on. They are preparing pieces for the rededication ceremony and a festival competition.

Honour Band/Stage Band is an amazing group of young musicians that have just started to meet, but already have about 7 pieces of music in their folders. A small but mighty group ... who are looking for some gigs (although give them some time to get a decent playlist ready!).

As always, practice is key to learning and refining any skill (wrist shots, layups, hand stands). Practice sessions for young musicians don't need to be 2 hours long ... 10-30 minutes a few times a week will make a HUGE difference. However, students should always have a goal for their practice. Perhaps it's improving tone or nailing down a particularly hard part, no matter the focus, musicians should know what they want to achieve each time they pick their instrument up.

Annandale Sports

Junior Floor Hockey is well underway! Thanks to Mrs. Glendinning and Mrs. Harrison for coaching! The team hosted a tournament this week with Westfield P.S. and Southridge P.S.

Varsity Basketball is also well underway with both teams performing well! Thanks again to Mr. Piper and Mr. Fleet for volunteering their time to coach.

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The Special Education Corner By Mrs. Phillips (Learning Support Teacher)

Please click here to access information about Special Education in Thames Valley!

If your child is struggling with issues and you’re not sure where to turn, OCYC in Woodstock offers FREE Walk in Counselling. Please click here to view this website for more information.

Mental health impacts many aspects of our children’s lives including how they feel about themselves and others, and how they cope with the demands of life. This site provides access to the many community services and resources available to support their emotional well-being.

CHATT Services

If you, your child or someone you know is struggling, please visit this website

click Here.

This is also new service in the Tillsonburg area for Counselling (of all ages), and groups (of all ages).


Focus: Social Skills

Social Skill Builder (Lite or $$)

Everyday Social Skills ($$)

Social Express Home Pictello ($$)

Potty Training Social Story ($$)

Insight Testing

The insight test has been administered to our Grade 4 students. When results are in, a note will be sent home. Parents are welcome to come in and review the results with our Learning Support Teachers.

Individual Education Plans (IEP)

If your child is on an IEP, you will receive their IEP by February 5th. Please take a look at this link to review what an IEP is all about.

Click Here

If you have any questions on any of this information or Special Education, please call Mrs. Phillips or Mrs. Gubesch Carroll at 519-688-3498.

Winter Safety - A Message From OCBH

Skating and sledding are fun and popular activities. Unfortunately, every year hundreds of children are injured during winter activities.

Safety tips for parents

· Parents need to stay with their child and supervise them on toboggan/sled hills.

· Teach children to sled down the middle of the hill and use the sides to walk up.

· Remind your child to not jump in front of a toboggan.

· To prevent head injuries/concussions, children should wear a hockey or ski helmet that fit the child as per instructions. They are designed to protect the head in all directions in icy conditions.

· Toboggans should be sturdy, easy to control and in good condition.

· Remind children to sit on a toboggan or sled face forward and avoid lying on their stomach – no head first sledding down a hill.

· Choose a gentle slope and enough room to stop. The hill should be free of hazards such as rocks and trees.

· The area should be well lit to see potential dangers and to be seen by others.

Tips for dressing for winter outdoor activities

· Keep hands and head covered to prevent heat loss.

· On really cold days wear a neck warmer instead of a scarf over your face and mouth.

· Wool clothing helps to retain the heat.

· If possible change wet clothes at school, tuck an extra pair of socks and mitts into backpacks at school.

· Below -25 is considered too cold for walking so move your walk in doors or select another day for outdoor activities or walking to school.

· In cold temperatures, skin that isn’t properly covered or protected can freeze quickly. When skin freezes it’s called frostbite.

· The most common body parts to get frostbite are the cheeks, ears, nose, hands and feet.

· To avoid frostbite dress your child in layers and have your child come inside for breaks and to warm up.

For more information visit

Literacy Day at Annandale!

Our FDK students have been reading and learning about characters as a way to develop their comprehension skills. Students and staff paraded throughout the school on January 27th, dressed as their favourite storybook character to celebrate Family Literacy Day. Community guests visited classes to read their favourite tales to students.
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Students Against Violence Everywhere (S.A.V.E.)

Two grade 7 students traveled to London to participate in leadership activities at the TVDSB Annual SAVE Conference. Sarah Westbrook was the keynote speaker and delivered a strong and entertaining character education message. We are starting a movement - what one thing will you do to make this school a better place?

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Math is Everywhere!

Students in 5/6 A and 5/6 B demonstrated their knowledge in Geometry by decorating hallways throughout the school!

Home Connections in Mathematics

Math Talk at Home

‘Mathematical discussion based on students’ own ideas and solutions to problems is absolutely “foundational to children’s learning”’

Wood & Turner-Vorbeck, 2001, p.186 as cited in Van de Walle, 2006, p.5.

We quickly see how oral language supports reading, writing, and critical thinking. Students are, however, increasingly being asked to think deeply and share their ideas when learning mathematics.

Why should we devote instructional time for thinking and talking about math and why would we, as parents, continue the conversation at home?

Students who engage in meaningful math talk understand more deeply, solve problems more effectively, and achieve better results.

Math talk matters and we, as parents, can support our children by valuing the mathematical processes –like reasoning & proving, connecting, and problem solving –that math talk helps to develop.

Parents do not need specialized training to support the development of these process skills. We can give our children the gift of being curious and attentive to their thinking. As parents we can wonder more and give answers less. We can ask, “Why?” when our children give an answer and allow our children the gift of time to consider their response.

Ideas to Get Math Talk Going:

· Estimate together:

Ask: “How many steps do think it will take from here to the dance studio door?” Allow for revision as he/she tests the estimate: “We’ve walked part of the way. Do you want to keep your estimate or change it? Why?”

Also consider involving your child in making estimates of the number of items (e.g., buns) you will need to purchase in advance of a party.

· Build together:

Using boxes, tubes, and other household materials, ask: “Can you build me something that can stack and roll? How are you so sure?”

· Puzzle together:

Privately think of a number (e.g., between 1 and 100) and allow six Yes or No questions to guess it. Ask what questions help us quickly narrow the search. For example, the question, “Is it greater than 50?” eliminates half the numbers in the set in one question.

· Sort together:

Use a routine task like laundry folding as an opportunity to sort. Ask: “Look at this pile; how could we sort these clothes? Is there another way? How do we usually sort them in our home? Why?”


Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies


Makes 40 cookies

· 2 sticks unsalted butter

· 2 ¼ cups bread flour

· 1 teaspoon kosher salt

· 1 teaspoon baking soda

· ¼ cup sugar

· 1 ¼ cups brown sugar

· 1 egg

· 1 egg yolk

· 2 tablespoons milk

· 1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract

· 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips

Mix dry ingredients and stir in wet ingredients. Space out dough on sheet and bake at 3750F for 10 minutes or until golden brown.

Cook/Bake together:

Ø Triple or half a recipe and talk through the changes that will need to be made. Array cookie dough on a pan. Ask: “How many cookies are there? How do you know?”

Links to Support You at Home


> See the Home Connections Math Activities and questions to engage in math talk with your child.

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Video Announcements

Under the guidance of Mr. Brown, our morning announcement team has created their first video announcement. The group used iPad apps such as Green Screen and iMovie to create their special effects.
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