Latin America Monthly

The things you need to know about Latin America

What's the economy like today?: Cuba

Cuba has a command economy. This means that Cuba's government controls all the decisions about goods and services. Man, this whole command economy thing really sucks! The government controls what to make, how and where to make it, and who to give it to. Their literacy rate is 99.8%, and they have an unemployment rate of 1.8%. That's a really good literacy rate. Their GPD is $144.6 billion, and their GPD per person is $12,700.

Physical features of Latin America: Mexico

There are beautiful physical features in Mexico.

What's wrong with you Cuba!!!: Economy

Cuba has a Autocratic system of government and a unitary type of government. That's not a great government to be in if you ask me. They have a "president" only because it sounds better than a dictator. For their legislature, Cuba has a Council of State and a National Assembly of People's Power. The role of a citizen is to vote at 16 or older. Hey, I want to be able to vote at 16! You must vote for members of legislature, but you can't vote for "president".

The problems of the world, today's edition- Mexico

Mexico's environmental issue is something to be concerned about. In Mexico City, there is bad air pollution from cars and factories. The bad part is that the Sierra Madre Mountains enclose the pollution in, so it can't escape. I bet it doesn't smell really clean and clear there. A possible solution would be to carpool or ride a bike to get somewhere. Also factories can cut down on how much air pollution they release. This would help make Mexico City a better, cleaner place to live.

What happened way back: Mexico's Aztec

Mexico's was home to the rich Aztec civilization located on an island called Tenochtitlan. The Aztec were ruthless religious people that made normal everyday sacrifices to "feed" their gods. Isn't that gruesome? They were taken down by Spanish conquistadors led by Hernan Cortes. Montezuma II thought Cortes was an Aztec god but was fooled. That teaches him!