Helping Kids To Have a F.U.N Summer For 5 weeks

A.D.H.D F.U.N Camp

We are open every Summer for 5 weeks of enjoyable activities for kids to stay active and enjoy their Summer like............Swimming, Camping, Go Karts, Video Games, Football, Basketball and ect. Age Groups 5-18 and up. Cost is Only $50.00 per kid for Five to experince things with other kids just like them so they will know that they are not alone at Camp A.D.H.D.

Join a Camp Where everyone is just like U!!!!

At this Camp No one is different everybody is the same and Family we have so much things in common, and you are bonding with them while having fun on go karts playing Call of duty or 2k13 and party nights and movie nights and you can always contact your family if you feel home-sick. We always want our kids happy at Camp A.D.H.D F.U.N.

Every Summer at Camp A.D.H.D

Every Summer at June 1st- July 5th

Some of Our top Instructors

Enjoy your Summer doing things that no other Camp does!!!!!!!!!!!

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Camp Schedule

10:00-Go Karts
1:00-walk around camp
2:00-7:00-Games & Tv
You Will be Staying at the Camp in Cozy Cabins
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