Welcome New Eagles!

Mesa Verde Middle School 2022-2023

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Welcome to Mesa Verde!

We are so excited to have you as our incoming 6th grade class! This newsletter has information to guide you and your parents on the transition to Mesa Verde. First and foremost, please make sure you have our Incoming 6th Grade Parent Nights on your calendar. This is a great time to learn more about Mesa Verde. We look forward to seeing you!
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elective fun!

*The window for incoming 6th graders to input their course selections is from Monday, 3/21 to Sunday, 4/3 at 11:59 p.m.

The elective class is the only class that MVMS students actually get to choose - we want their voice to be heard! We encourage students to choose a class that they are excited about, that may challenge them, and that will enrich their middle school experience.

ALL STUDENTS will choose 3 electives: their #1 choice, or request - and 2 alternates.

All elective courses at MVMS are year-long. Students are making a choice of their elective for the entire school year. We encourage them to choose something they will enjoy taking for 180 days!

We cannot accommodate elective changes after school starts in August.

*Electives offered are based on student request, teacher schedule, and space.

It is possible that not all electives will happen due to these factors.

so many elective choices!

Electives ARE NOT first come, first served. Please enter your electives during the open window but don't feel as if you need to rush to do so. We encourage students to think about their interests. You have two weeks to entire your requests.
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6th Grade Exploratory Course

COURSE# 106008

The focus for our exploratory classes are typically related to Science, Technology and Engineering although this varies per grade level and teacher. Previous classes have explored learning to think like a scientist, engineer and/or designer while building projects that support math, science and engineering topics. Students will also explore colleges and careers in this class!

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6th grade art

COURSE# 100215

This is a beginning level art course for all skill levels. Students will create projects inspired by ancient to modern art from around the world. Some mediums used may include drawing, painting, photography or digital art. Try your hand at an art class!

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6th grade band

COURSE# 100510

All interested 6th graders are enrolled in 6th grade band and work on building foundational skills. Students provide their own instruments to participate. There are lots of opportunities for performances and even festivals away from campus! If you haven’t taken 5th grade band or been in a MVMS band before, you can still join the 6th grade band!

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6th grade orchestra

COURSE# 100550

All interested 6th graders are enrolled in Orchestra 1/2 and work on building foundational skills. Orchestra is made up of our stringed instruments such as violin, viola, cello and string bass. School cellos and string basses are available. All other instruments must be provided by the student. There are lots of opportunities for performances and even festivals away from campus! If you haven’t taken 5th grade orchestra or been in a MVMS orchestra before, you can still join us in 6th grade!

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performing arts (6th - 8th)

COURSE# 101410

This class is for all students who are interested in music and theater. One semester will focus more on drama, including beginning scene work, improvisation, history of theater, film, and technical elements of theater. The other semester will focus on musical expression including various styles of solo and small group singing, performing with harmonizing instruments, song writing, digital audio workstations (DAWs), and choral singing. This course will give students a chance to try out different forms of expression in performing arts, and will include opportunities to perform both inside and outside of school!

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exploring spanish (6th)

COURSE# 100478

Students will learn foundational Spanish. In addition to language, students will explore Latino culture: music, art, food, and fun! (This course does not count as high school foreign language credit, which is only available in 8th grade Spanish 1-2) This is a good opportunity to get some basics before taking Spanish 1-2 in 8th grade or high school!

course requests - students enter them in Synergy!

Please review the Google Slides presentation...

6th grade timeline - subject to change!

Mid-May - Elementary Sites visit Mesa Verde! Dates TBA

Mid-August - New Student Orientation - Don't miss a day of fun on campus before school starts! Parents will also have an orientation at this time.

Registration has 2 parts!

1. Online registration - you can do it now at:


2. In person registration - prior to the first day of school - Dates TBA

Wednesday, August 17th - First Day of School!