Social-Emotional Development

Birth- Age 2


  • Refers to the quality and intensity of emotional reactions.
  • Passivity relates to how actively involved a child is with his or her surroundings.
  • A passive infant withdraws from a new person or event.
  • Irritability , difficult to comfort, or even to hold them.
  • Caring for these infants is easier for adults.


  • Strong emotional connection that develops between people.
  • Shows infants care for respond to certain people.
  • Separation anxiety- When child becomes excessively anxious when separated from parents.
  • care givers need to prepare the attachment behavior.
  • 9-18 month children have difficulty with separation.
  • 15 months is strongest.

Changes over time

  • In the first two weeks you will see changes
  • Emotions shown- crying with no tears.
  • Ones actions is a development of babies growth.
  • Establishing trust is great for this time.
  • At birth the newborns will lack emotion.